Hon. Yolanda C. Rodriguez See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Camden County
Vicinage 4
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What others have said about Hon. Yolanda C. Rodriguez


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ4084
This judge should not be a judge. She does not read the parties' submissions. She assumes the facts are the same in every case. She does not rule based on facts and precedents. She rules based on her personal beliefs. She even admitted on the record she did not read all certifications. She did not care about the safety of my child. Fortunately, I could afford to appeal her incorrect ruling and the Appellate Division immediately reversed her order. This is a judge who should not get tenure. She has no respect for litigants. She also discriminates based on national origin and other protected characteristics. This judge risked the life and safety of my son. I doubt she would risk the life and safety of her own children but she does not care about your kids. It is a shame she was appointed a judge of the Superior Court of NJ.


Comment #: NJ3803
This judge was terrible, extremely bias and does not hold up the law what's so ever. Being before her feels like being in the wild wild west and not America. Overall very unpleasant experience every single time being before her.


Comment #: NJ3779
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Rodriguez is disorganized, doesn't read any documents, loses documents, and lied on record that she didn't receive hundreds of documented evidence sent by FedEx and by email. She is unworthy of the bench and not ethical enough to practice law. She showed preferential treatment to her attorney friend Howard Kanowitz esq. and collectively, they did not abide by the law or any ethical standard. She has zero regard for fairness, truth, or justice, and she caters to criminals. She is a horrible human being who needs to be disbarred and removed from the bench. The judge came to trial hours late, then took another 1 hr. break for my ex to fiddle with his phone. At the end, I was allowed about 10 min. to cross examine and present my side. She disregarded ALL of my evidence and claimed she never received it, even after her secretary, Karen Stull, confirmed that she did receive it. This is clown court, with zero accountability. I didn't have an atty. and was screwed over at every turn. When I was excluded from the case management hearing, I knew that there was a problem. So, I filed a motion to have her recuse herself. She refused and proceeded to mess up all that she could. This is an untrustworthy person. I wouldn't trust her to do ANYTHING.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ3731
Judge heard matter in violation of court rules and rendered an opinion without even considering my papers that were properly filed. She "didn't have them." She was rude and disrespectful to me. This is not the first time the Judge demonstrated her lack of knowledge of the law and procedure.


Comment #: NJ3372
My attorney had me a bit scared when she told me about this Judge right before my case (an Enforcement Motion against my ex husband) was heard.

She said that Judge Rodriguez was new and that she sometimes (self admittedly) didn't read all of the parties paperwork!!!, was easily distracted, and often seemed confused / didn't understand the LAW!

Lastly, that she operated HOURS behind in time and was slow in general.

Oh boy . . . (on my other FIFTEEN! Enforcement Motions, I had Judge Nan Famular, as the Judge. (She was harsh and a bit cold, but seemed fair, alert, knew my prior cases inside out, and didn't like liars OR wasting time).

Although my ex-husband didn't have a lawyer, said he would be appearing by PHONE, and didn't provide a Cross Motion, as he legally should have PRIOR to our Court date, Judge Rodriguez allowed him to speak and to argue his "side." (I was a bit p.o.'d, but it was okay - he hung himself w/ his own rope!).

Thankfully, my case was never contested by my ex husband and my lawyer made everything crystal clear in all ways (our paperwork package boasted tabs galore and ALL prior Motions attached, etc!)to Judge Rodriguez.

Judge Rodriguez was patient and very calm. (She looks and reminded me of Mary Steenburgen). She seemed to understand my case.

She ruled 100% in my favor and I even will (eventually) be getting my lawyer's Court appearance fees reimbursed, via arrears).

Had I not heard my lawyer's pre-cursor, I would have found this Judge kind and really good (again, my case was pretty straight forward).

The only Order I didn't like was that there wasn't a consequence stipulated if my ex-husband doesn't make his lump sum payment within the time frame of 60 days that the Judge ordered.

(he already told me that he didn't have the money IMMEDIATELY after Court!!!)