Hon. Mark A. Baber See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Hudson County
Vicinage 6
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Attorney Average Rating:   4.8 - 9 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   1.0 - 1 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. Mark A. Baber


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ2383
Judge Baber is a walking advertisement for why Judges should NEVER be tenured. Incredibly dismissive, intellectually lazy with the mental agility of a snail. Asks no questions. Makes decisions without stating findings. Sleep to be distracted or asleep during oral argument. Fittingly, he is in Hudson County with it's sordid political and judicial history. He's proof of the adage "A judge is a lawyer who has a politician for a friend." In Hudson County political circles, having a politician as a friend is not an endorsement. Been practicing almost 20 years now, seen a lot of GOOD judges. Baber isn't one of them. He's an embarrassment to the NJ Judiciary.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ2350
Stick your thumb in the air and see which way the wind blows. I've represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in front of him for restraining orders. I have seen him grant restraining orders for nothing and deny them when there is tons of abuse. Can't figure this court out and I've been appearing here for years.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ2280
A bitter man waiting to retire after torturing Hudson county for years with his discrimination and unjust judgement in 2006 I watched him stick kids in Juvy and Prison rather then get them proper help with the variety of programs New Jersey has to offer and their stories resulted in death or a continuing lifestyle of crime


Comment #: NJ2258
This judge denied my daughter restraining order 3 times and kept giving it to her X boyfriend that beat her mentally and verbally abused her, bc her X is the super of the building he had secret camera watching her every move harassed and threaten her daily u till she got a restraining order from the town. But her X obtained another restraining order by Baber and its beieved the owners of the buildings have ties to Baber.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ1995
to be honest the word honorable is far from what this man is. he will look at a person and because he is so much discriminating he will not give anyone a chance. for years ive witness this man put restraining orders child support and all because he will look at you and not like you. he doesnt even give some of the people to defend themselves. he def has put people through hell because of the mistake he has of doing his job completely wrong. ive see parents who suffer not seeing there kids because he feels the need to make them pay child support without allowing visition even if its supervised. someone needs to really evaluate this man as a judge and investigate him on his prejudice and discrimination. if this doesnt improve . starting a petition with people he wrongfully has hurt and misled.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ1410
This is a lazy, tenured judge who appears to be punching the clock till retirement. He issues orders late, fails to notify moving parties, issues orders with no explanation on the record, in the court, and with no attached opinion. Punts everything to his inexperienced law clerks. He doesn't even seriously entertain oral argument; he seems to have reached his conclusion previously, and/or lets his law clerk decide. I have practiced law for almost 35 years, and I think that this guy should retire. He is one of the worst three judges that I've ever appeared before. He is just terribly lazy and unfocused. Sometimes it appears that he doesn't even read the briefs.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ692
I tried a case before Judge Baber earlier this year - having never appeared before him for any reason. While the verdict was better for my adversary than it was for me, he ran his courtroom in a very cordial, respectful and even-handed manner. It was not an overly complex case (a two-car MVA case) but there were a couple of issues that necessitated motion practice and/or informal applications made to address issues as they popped up. While he did not always rule in my favor, even the rulings that went against me were well thought out and proper.

I thought too that he did a very good job with the jury. While we were on trial we had a couple of brutal weather days (monsoon-like rain, sauna-like conditions in his courtroom) and he kept the jurors in a good mood as a group by joking with them on occasion and giving them the impression that their service was very much appreciated. Not every judge I have tried a case before does nearly as good a job of making those who serve on jury duty feel appreciated as he did.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ496
Tried my first case in New Jersey after years of trying cases in another jurisdiction (NY). Except my disappointment in his efforts in trying to resolve the case prior to jury selection, he is an excellent trial judge. Knows the Rules of Evidence very well, even handed in his rulings and charges, and shows up on time. Had patience with my lack of intimate knowledge of NJ procedure. Though the verdict was not one I wanted, it was through no fault of Judge Baber.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ317
Smart judge who reads the motion papers, knows the law and Court Rules, and is not afraid to make the right decision