Hon. Katherine R. Dupuis See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Union County
Vicinage 12
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What others have said about Hon. Katherine R. Dupuis


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ2916
This judge dragged out over three years a family civil matter regarding an estate with no attention to the facts or law in making her decisions. She cost my family tremendous legal expenses and estrangement. She should not be allowed to remain on the bench in my opinion.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ2912
I have appeared before judge in criminal and civil court. Once took a case that she was giving client hard time and then got the case dismissed by different judge with impeccable credentials who is now retired. She is in equity now. If client calls me and she is judge will not take case.
It has been years since I saw this judge but she treated me and my client so badly that my whole demeanor as a lawyer changed. She knows who I am. The words she said to my client in open court I will remember for the rest of my life and it has been close
to two decades now.


Comment #: NJ2850
If you are a beneficiary of a trust or estate in her court you have no rights under the law. Only her opinion is law.


Comment #: NJ2143
this judge was removed from the family court for a reason. she is totally against men, I wonder why ? maybe she should keep her personal life out of the court room. when a judge is doing something elicit she should stop. she hates men especially those who have a mind and who will challenge her irrational decisions. She thinks all women deserve to be the primary parent, she does not know what she did to some children.


Comment #: NJ1457
I can't believe this judge favored the bank (Wells Fargo) in my case -- they are holding a fraudulent, illegal document that was found in a court of law to be so. The loan was closed in 2009 and forgiven by the bank, so as to hide it from the government or just get rid of the bad loan like they did with so many others. The lawyers took over to see what they could get for themselves to make their pockets bigger. I just wanted my house and what they promised me. I didn't want to go through all this stuff. I don't want any money; I just want my house. What they promised me was $1113.00 principal and interest -- that's what it said on the contract and that's what I should've got, but instead I got $1113.00 deferred interest only in my first bill. They should follow through on what they promised. They (Wells Fargo) claim that my wife and I are a part of a class action lawsuit, and that we should go after the broker. They also say that we won against the broker and should get money from them. First of all, the brokers for some reason can screw hundreds of people and close their doors and open up under a new name and do it all over again and get away with it with no penalties. Even though we won, we can't collect anything because of what they're allowed to do. Secondly, as far as the class action lawsuit is concerned, we never got anything in the mail or by e-mail or certified mail or even by phone to tell us that we are a part of this class action lawsuit. What I guess I'm trying to say is: the bottom line is that this bank (Wells Fargo) is holding a fraudulent document, and no matter if they bought it in bulk or bought it singly, they have it, and according to the law, fraud is fraud and you can't make good on that, because if you try you go to jail. For example: it's like me having a big company and buying ten tractor trailers of sneakers, and one of the trailers was full of bootleg sneakers, and I decide to sell them anyway. What do you think would happen to me? I would get slapped with big fines and go to jail, that's what would happen. The judge, Katherine R. Dupuis, decided in favor of the bank anyway, after hearing all that. What don't you understand, Judge Dupuis? Fraud is fraud, and they're holding that document, and you're letting them get away with selling my house that I lived in for thirteen years. You are a very bad person, and you are arrogantly ignorant as to the facts. The bank has 95 class action lawsuits that they lost because of the same thing -- don't you read the paper or listen to the news? This was an open and closed case, and my wife and I are the victims in this case. The bank should go after the broker -- oh, that's right, they can't because they are closed so they came after me. And that's somehow fair to you? It makes me kind of wonder how much the banks are paying? Anybody can see that they're clearly at fault, and are responsible for what they bought from Wachovia Bank -- they knew what they were buying, everybody knew what they were buying. You are a very bad person to make my family suffer like this.


Comment #: NJ921
Rating:Not Rated
A radical femi-Nazi. Judge Dupuis is totally blinded by estrogen. If you are a male defendant do not expect anything like impartiality. Judge Dupuis will act as prosecutor and Judge. Want a travesty of justice.