Hon. Anthony M. Pugliese See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Camden County
Vicinage 4
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What others have said about Hon. Anthony M. Pugliese


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ4359
This guy has a personality of a wart. Won't let you talk when it's my turn to speak, cuts me off. Already decided the case before the hearing started. Wanted to push the hearing forward to get to the next virtual case. .

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ3982
So inept that his appointment as supervising judge in Camden was taken away because he is abusive.

A moronic egotistical and misogynist who yells louder at women, we can only feel sorry for his wife and all the litigants hes abused.


Comment #: NJ3896
This judge is extremely pompous and disrespectful. His ego is the size of Mt Rushmore. Why do we have judges that obviously dont belong in positions of power who definitely abuse their power.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ3566
I've never seen such an egotistical, intemperate and biased judge in over 30 years of practicing. Pugliese insulted a litigant at trial, made his bias known and personally attacked the litigant for no reason other than his hatred towards that party was obvious. It is disturbing that he is on the bench and feels that he can violate every judicial canon meant to preserve integrity in the system, not create monsters like him.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ3553
It is unfortunate, but he is very nasty. He interferes with cases. He often does not listen to reason. There are many instances where he inappropriately chastises and yells at attorneys. He is often just miserable and seems to want to steer cases his way. One does not feel like one is appearing in front of a fair and just judge, but rather someone who wants to control everyone and have cases done his way. There is definitely a feeling that he will not treat everyone fairly. It seems there is a personality issue that prevents him from acting like a judge. I get the sense that he makes some decisions due to a dislike for the attorneys. His behavior is unbecoming of a Judge. He acts like an unruly adversary at times.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ3216
I agree with the other comments here. I am a female attorney who had the displeasure to appear before this Judge many times. He is a misogynist and favors his local attirney friends. He's rude, high handed and has no judicial temperament, and a discredit to the bench and bar.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: NJ3164
Rating:Not Rated
I like this judge. He's great at quickly focusing upon what matters. He's flexible with discovery if you're honest with him. I had a serious health issue and he worked with me infinitely better than my employer. Smart, good guy. p.s. I have been practicing 33+ years.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ2957
I have been practicing 17+ years. This Judge has no regards for lawyers let alone litigants. He seems to make it a part of his process to yell and humiliate litigants and lawyers. I can not even begin to tell you how bad it is to practice in front of him. Literally he makes up facts and fictional attacks to the "Court" when all we do is look at him blankly. He gets angrier when you disagree with him. He actually sanctioned my client legal fees because we did not respond to a summary judgment that was filed 2 days before trial. I just look in awe. I have no idea what to do. Any input on what I can do to never have a case in front of him would be appreciated. I seriously am going to have a nervous breakdown because of him.


Comment #: NJ2553
Aside from his ruling in my favor , Pugleisi is well versed on the law , controls his courtroom well , is a quick study and can see thru the bs . Moves the proceedings along quickly and fairly. Really impressive. If I ever have to appear in front of a judge again , I would hope it would be him.


Comment #: NJ2211
Agree with the previous comments regarding this Judge
He does not seem to even try to understand the law-
it is sad that he has lifetime tenure


Comment #: NJ2125
This judge is absolutely atrocious. To make matter worse he just received lifetime tenure. He is nothing more tha a political hack that is totally beholden to the Norcross Camden machine. His arrogance is exceeded only by his lack of understanding of the law and his complete lack of judicial temperment . In sum , he is a disgrace to the judiciary. If you get stuck with this clown- do whatever you can possibly do get away from this him-he is that bad.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ2098
I appeared before this judge on a motion day where he required all attorneys and litigants to appear at 9:00 a.m. He listed our case, an Order to Show Cause on an Action in Lieu of Prerogative Writs, last on his "motion" list.(Our Order to Show Cause was reached among the last on the motion list that day). We were reached 2.5 hours later. This was a minor inconvenience compared to the way in which I was treated. This Judge repeated, over and over, "Not in MY court room" as though it was his fiefdom. This comment was made in an arrogant and condescending manner in response to courteous answers to questions he posed to me designed to embarrass.I have been challenged on legal arguments by many a judge, but have welcomed the opportunity as a Socratic method of a search for the truth. Most judges want to understand and reach the right result. Not this judge. He was mean spirited and discourteous and not at all open to hearing from me or my client's position.This Judge made numerous inappropriate comments about his personal beliefs on topics such as social media, the way in which a jury would react to certain evidence and even suggested ways in which cases could be tried to some of the attorneys that presented their motions before me. Unprofessional and cronyism-Camden County style-to the fullest extent.
In the 2.5 hours of waiting in the courtroom to be reached (instead of staggering the arguments), I had the ability to observe his treatment of the litigants and counsel. As for the male attorneys, Pugliese, was jovial and polite. Not the case for the females appearing before him. An African American female pro se litigant was treated so rudely when Pugliese told her that she had no business showing up in his court room since he did not grant oral argument on her motion. She advised that she had previously called the court and was told to appear. Pugliese interrupted her to say that no one in HIS chambers told her that. The poor woman tried to explain that she was advised by a clerk in the civil division to ppear to which Pugliese told her that any further motions she filed would be denied and that she would be going to trial. It was the way in which he made the statements to this woman that was so offensive. It was so apparent that this judge did not like this woman nor her case. Again, unprofessional and unnecessarily rude and demeaning.
Another female attorney who had a case listed ready hold for 10 a.m., was curtly told to wait until after my case was heard- we were reached at 11:30 a.m. In my 28 yrs of practice, I have never complained formally about a judge before. I do not have a memory of being treated so poorly and interrupted mid-sentence by a judge so that the judge could make snarky comments in an attempt to embarrass and provoke. I have never been treated so unprofessionally by a judge-be it Federal Court, Administrative, Municipal or State Court judge. The Order to Show Cause was on behalf of a State Court employee against the State Judiciary-the case was transferred from the County of venue to Camden County. It is painfully obvious that my client will be prejudiced if we remain before this judge. He is not at all familiar with employment law nor civil service administrative regulations and his demeanor towards me and this case was appalling. We will be considering federal court options (exhaustion of EEOC remedies may present a problem for federal filing however). In any event, I will be filing a formal complaint with the New Jersey Supreme Court-the first time in my career.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ116
Weak mind. Unable to apply facts to law and make a ruling on a motion. Knee jerk denial of MSJ is the best he can do.