Hon. David B. Katz See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Essex County
Vicinage 5
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What others have said about Hon. David B. Katz



Comment #: NJ4199
How did I get so unlucky to get David Katz. Having David Katz as your judge is like dying a painful death. Our judicial system needs to do better if judge Katz is it. That’s why we are in trouble.


Comment #: NJ4189
Judge Katz doesn't pay attention to motions and evidence. He's bias. I experienced the same as someone else here. He denied me my due process. Not allowing me to speak. Everything that happened to litigant NJ3351 below happened to me. He doesn't pay attention to anything and therefore allows people to lie even after I present him with the truth. He's quick to jump to conclusion without looking at everything.
I agree he should not be a judge. I cannot tell you the damage Judge Katz had done.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ3502
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Katz called NJDCPP on me, had my children taken since 2016, had me thrown in jail for bull crap and etc. But I will say I turned all of what judge katz done to my good. I see judge katz as a teacher one that taught me many great lessons the hard way. Because of judge katz I am ever more stronger and I learned new ways to survive on this planet earth. I should hate judge katz but for some reason I don't. Judge katz is NJ's finest! Salute judge katz for he is the true meaning of you can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent.


Comment #: NJ3351
10 negative factors about Judge Katz:
1. Does not pay attention to your case while he is doing other tasks while on the bench.
2. Does not review and weigh the actual facts and evidence properly, or fairly for either side.
3. Allows attorney banter, nonsense and mockery in court without reprimand.
4. Allows mockery and excuses to take place that postpone trial and extend trial periods beyond reasonable time without reprimand.
5. Is partial, arbitrary and capricious in decision making and evaluation of circumstances of case litigants.
6. Unfamiliar, and unaware of precedent case(s) related to your case and argument.
7. Disregard for critical witnesses and accepts evidence from non-certified or qualified experts.
8. Makes obvious, non-correction of mistakes that would definitely impact the outcome of a case for either side.
9. Spends an abundance of time in judge chambers with case attorneys without valuable or credible results.
10. Easily gains quick and false impressions of key witnesses.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ3147
It is absurd that there is no relief from common people looking for a fair and impartial hearing. Regardless of the ratings provided - nothing will change.


Comment #: NJ2670
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Katz is not impartial, he permitted the illegal search and seizure of my children and to this day still withholding my children illegally. He is torturing my family and I systematically and I have all the evidence to prove it. He has knowledge of a dyfs worker lying on a police officer stating he called dyfs on me to have my children illegally searched and seized but the incident report from the Belleville police prove that is a lie. And still Judge Katz will not let my children go. I have a lawsuit against him along with the deputy attorney general Sheena Rinkle. The Judge has made a referral to dyfs about me. All allegations have been unfounded and not established. Judge Katz explained today after yelling at me in a hostile and belligerent manner to sit down, my hearing to get my children home would be on hold due to deputy attorney general Sheena Rinkle having to go on vacation. Judge Katz will not allow my witnesses in his court. My children are suffering injuries and sicknesses due to the retaliation from Judge Katz and Deputy Attorney Sheena Rinkle. Judge Katz will not take any evidence from me [redacted by Ed.]


Comment #: NJ1948
Not fair, take side with prosecutors ALWAYS!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ1947
A terrific, thoughtful, fair, thorough, intelligent, courteous and able jurist!


Comment #: NJ473
Completely biased and unfair.

He allowed testimony in reference to evidence that was NOT mentioned in the original complaint (TRO) in a Domestic Violence case.

This evidence was then used to form an assumptive opinion of the defendants motives in trying to establish his intent.

He also ignored the way the plaintiff tried to be evasive in answering certain questions and was unclear with her memory of certain emails and events.
The defendant was clear and direct in remembering everything that happened, and he had ample evidence that showed that the plaintiff was using the justice system to play games and to get back at the defendant for breaking up with her.

The list goes on and on of the things he did inappropriately within the case mentioned. Who knows how many other innocent defendants were victimized by a biased court system that typically favors women no matter what they say or claim.

He should be removed of his robe and disbarred.