Hon. Lisa P. Thornton See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Monmouth County
Vicinage 9
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Non-Attorney Average Rating:   2.0 - 4 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. Lisa P. Thornton



Comment #: NJ1939
I was before Judge Lisa P. Thornton today for what I felt was an Emergency to Show Cause and request a Stay on an existing Order. I am a Pro Se litigant and completed the required forms for an Emergent Order. I was told the Judge would hear my matter and then waited for about 2 hours outside her court room. I was then advised that she would not hear the matter and denied my request for the Emergent Order to show cause. When I asked for an explanation, I was told the Judge would not hear the matter as it did not meet the requirements of an Emergent Order. The long/short of the matter is that after I spoke to the Law Clerk, Judge Thornton actually advised she would speak to me and explain the reason for her decision. She brought me into her Court Room and heard my case and she clearly explained the reason for her decision. Even though the answer was not ultimately the decision I was looking for, I appreciate the fact that she listened to my reasoning and took the time to explain the reason for her decision. I have read some of the other blogs on here and based on my limited experience with Judge Thornton, I did not see anything that would indicate she is biased in any way. I appreciated her honesty and candor and would suggest that some of these negative blogs be taken with a grain of salt, and that people form their own opinions and not prejudge. Additionally, she did not talk "ghetto" or anything like that and actually seemed like one of the best Judges I have ever dealt with in the Monmouth County Court House. I had read some of these blogs as I was waiting there today and really started thinking the worst, and I am disapointed in myself for allowing that to happen. She seems like a nice person who will listen and explain things, and that is more than I expected after being in front of some other Judges. I am a 40 something y/o white male and did not see any hint of anything negative as indicated in the other blogs here and would not pay much attention to those comments left by others.


Comment #: NJ1936
I don't know her or even ever saw her. All I can tell you is the last settlement in my divorce is a rental house. Without question she gave my x wife power of attorney to sell it. I never had a problem signing the papers to sell it. That is even ok, but that the judge gave her the right to hold the sale money in my wife's own escrow account without my name being on this account. So in fact she gave her all the money from the sale of this house.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ1925
Judge Thornton was very fair, and found my client innocent, not through my doing but by her own. It is refreshing to see someone on the bench who is truly independent of the political process.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ1686
she should be disbarred.does not know the law enough to explain it to the jury.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ1462
As it relates to Family Court (Divorce): if you are a successful white businessman, this Obama socialist will make sure you that you experience gender bias, discrimination and poverty as part of her racist, Black Panther-like agenda. She will give the plaintiff everything that you own and then tell you to get a second job with a smile. If you have children in private school, watch out, as this is an insult that will be punished vociferously. I advise you to settle quickly, as justice has no place in her courtroom. Facts such as drug addiction, infidelity and child abuse are summarily disregarded. Her lack of pecuniary knowledge is insulting to even a sixth grader. Given that she worked for Corzine as a "special counsel," it is no wonder why she acts the way that she does. She appears to be the self-appointed defender of bad faith, and to desire to personally victimize the innocent. The issue is that once you decipher her inarticulate caterwauling, you have just given $500K to fund the criminal forensic accountants to probe you forever. Good luck -- I suggest liquidating assets now and videotaping all of your spouse's marital and extra-marital activities, because even pictures and audio tapes are rendered inessential and arbitrary. It is my hope that this can help at least one defendant, and ultimately assist the taxpayers of Monmouth County to rid themselves of a raving egomaniac.


Comment #: NJ1154
Did not read papers from either attorney and admitted this. made a decision contrary to law to satisfy her own personal issues with the plaintiff who was a pretty blond whit woman. the judge is a big fat black woman who said to the paintiff i had mac&cheese for lunch what did you have a piece of celery? not what you expect to hear from the person handeling you destiny

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ1048
This is an unqualified judge. She is the epitome of a judge who speaks on the record without reflection. Stream of consciousness thoughts do not bespeak proper judicial decorum or judgement. Moreover, they make for a terrible record. In reviewing her career prior to said judicial appointment, one is at a loss to determine how It came to be. An unqualified candidate for a judgeship does not often turn out well. This judge is the living embodiment of same.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ670
She behaved unintelligently. A little too Ghetto for Court room decorum. However, she did an ok job at handling a contentious post litigation.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ536
She is the worst i ever saw in my life and dont know how she was picked to be a judge with her words she uses like Geto talking and no respect for others.
To me she doesnt speak proper with no class and her getto mouth is a turn off to bring into the court system.She has no compasion for others what they are going through.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ481
Judge Lisa Thorton was the best I wish I had all my cases tried in front of her!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment #: NJ409
This Judge has the mental status of zero. By that how is possible to send out 5 police officers to a Senior citizen house between 5:30a/6:00am to just bust into her home an not even have the respect to honor a The owner (a Senior citzen) not even show a search warrant for the home. How dare she. Judge Thornton has no compasion for anyone but herself. The senior citizen is a long time resident of monmouth county. Judge Thornton should be taken off the bench.