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New York County
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New York City

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What others have said about Hon. David Kirshblum



Comment #: NY10803
Rating:Not Rated
Gynocentric, anti-male, anti-family, anti-child. He should be disbarred.


Comment #: NY10201
Lousy when a judge ignores numerous counts of per jury. Signing numerous sworn Affidavits Sandra Lante stated she received no child support payments. But my endorsed child support payments. Proved her statements to Judge David Kirshblum to be per jury. Kirshblum refused to prosecute or award legal fees as damages. Kirshblum blatant liberal bias has emboldened Sandra Lante to deny my joint custody and vistation. He's a disgrace and should be thrown off the bench.


Comment #: NY9555
I'm very appreciative to Hon. Kirshblum, he was fair in my case. My situation was that I wasn't getting CS for three months- and he made it clear that paying CS is suppose to be consistent and when mandated not when you decide you want too.. Thanks you.


Comment #: NY8252
I am still recovering, years later, from this man's decisions and the vile way he spoke to me, under the protection of his armed security guards. A vile, disgraceful character.


Comment #: NY7040
This judge was rude and downright obnoxious. He ridiculed me in every way before getting on with the facts of the case. I recently lost my business and subsequently my income. With full documentation in hand (recent tax documents, notarized profit & loss statements and balance sheets), I requested a downward modification in child support. When my business was in operation, my payments were up to date and since I owned the company, my payments were not garnished. I signed and sent in the checks. Obviously, something changed when I started sending in much smaller amounts. Kirshblum took my documentation and asked me for my tax documents for the year of the divorce. This was not required by the court, according to the legal documentation list provided non-custodial fathers. He then said he would review the case and I had to return in six months. During this time the support remained unchanged. No brainer-I fell horribly behind. Five months later, I get a letter from the court and Kirshblum, saying that the downward modification was denied. Reason- I found a part time job working at Sears! Like a desperation $10/hour job is going to pay anything. Someone please remove this idiot from the court!


Comment #: NY6143
Judge Kirshblum is completely Liberally Biased He refused to prosecute my ex wife for per jury Despite overwhelmingly factual evidence She continues to violate ever court and deny my court ordered visitation While the Child Support Collection Unit relentlessly harassed my last job to set up an account they could garnish To the point they subpenaed my employer to court Resulting in me loosing my job Despite credits in child support payments My unemployment was also garnished Resulting in me having to stop on line payments with Expert Pay Based on Sandra Lante's continued false statements of per jury Judge Kirshblum or Judge Esposito in The Supreme Court have refused to make Sandra face any legal consequences For criminal behavior that would have me in Rikers Sandra Lante is allowed make a joke of the legal system Due to these judges blatant Liberal bias


Comment #: NY5843
He refused to prosecute Sandra Lante for per jury or award my legal fees as damages He has allowed her garnish my unemployment through the Child Support Collection Unit After caused me to loose my job through their harassment of my employer Which Senator Addabbo's office can support Despite $500 in credit with Chase Expert That I've had to stop Pay Family Court has given me a court date of February 10th 2015 to file for a downward modification Judge Kirshblum is aware of Sandra Lante's psychiatric commitment Judge Kirshblum's flat out bias and incompetence in handling of this case Has caused me severe financial hardship After the garnishment and taxes I receive $140 per week in employment Call Carl in Senator Addabbo's 719-738-1111 He can support these facts A disgrace

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY4418
I agree with comment#1690,this man has made my life miserable, I have provided the court with all of my financial information he insists that I pay an amount that a I cannot afford,(unemployed/recently returned from overseas co that went bankrupt since 9/11) the amount accumulated is impossible to pay
my credit is terrible due to over due amount, I am not able to get a loan for the recovery of my family business.
and will have to close by the end of this year.


Comment #: NY1690
Rating:Not Rated
Mr. Kirshblum displays a snotty abusive tone. He insistes on being called "support magistrate" rather than "Mr." which shows an emotional insecurity that translates into his horrible treatment of litigants standing before him seeking fairness and equity, instead, Mr. Kirshblum attacks rather than "works with" the Father. I've heard many stories about Mr. Kirshblum but most dads believe complaining will not make a difference. My job is to get these Dads to file their complaints againstyou Mr. Kirshblum. Obviously Mr. Kirshblum was placed in his position as a political favor to help inflate the child support numbers. Get off the bench David.