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New York City

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What others have said about Hon. Kemp Reaves



Comment #: NY9233
Rating:Not Rated
This Magistrate has thus shown that the law is brandished in his court room is personal belief, not by the standard guidelines set.


Comment #: NY8125
Rating:Not Rated
I have back issues and couldn't make a court date but came the next day. I explained i was having back spasms which is one of the reasons i qualify for SSD. This asshole jacked up my case from 1k and some change to 10,000 dollars. I showed that jackass a few weeks prior that i was awaiting my disability. He was soposed to rule then and not raise it but he held it over for one more month. So he decides even with that information to assume with no information to prove that bc its a lie that i shoukd pay based on me making 450wk and i wasnt gainfully employed unfortunately since 1998.


Comment #: NY8086
Judge Kemp Reaves is one of the worst judges I ever encountered. I've been before him three times with the same BS results. He is bias against women which shows through his actions and arrogant mouth,not mutual at all.Don't allow you to finish speaking, rushes you out the court room like cattle using the same old excuse of many cases to view besides mines.Cases are decided with the judge and lawyers before you even entered the court room. His staff is even worst. They are very unprofessional and the dress code definitely inappropriate. His environment is harsh and uncomfortable. I heard them laughing loudly at a lady who stormed out of his court room, not professional. I was left in the waiting room for almost 2 hours while they were locking up for the evening waiting for paperwork they forgot to give me. I had to get the officers at the desk at the end of the hall to help me. Magistrate is to good of a name for him.I feel for anyone who has him as a residing judge. You are a women you are Doomed.He don't care about anything but his own self gratification, embarrassing and demeaning you, trying to make you feel less than a women for coming to court. He really needs to be investigated by a higher authority. He is a disgrace to society.


Comment #: NY7939
Judge Kemp is part of a system that appears to be dishonest and lackadaisical. I am still waiting on paperwork from his latest ruling in my child support case. The system seems to lack integrity and depending on how its employees feel that day their BS is hidden/protected by this work culture.


Comment #: NY7813
Kemp Reeves is an extremely bright arbiter. He is even handed and thoughtful.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY7317
Kemp Reeves is the worst sort of nightmare you can imagine in family court. He ought to be investigated for his bias and fumbling through the facts of a case. He gives the family court system the bad name it deserves and could be the poster child for family court reform groups.
He causes more litigation than he resolves and does no good at all for the parents of the children he is supposedly acting in the interests of.
He is the highest paid judge in the court and is as bad as the worst that I have been before. And that is pretty low company indeed.
His actions have damaged my children directly and in doing so, I would rate him a disgrace as a representative of the court and further as a man.
If you get assigned to this guy prepare for the worst and then double it.


Comment #: NY7258
This judge is limited in his thinking, lacks nuance. He character labels or judges based on past experience cases. Magistrate Kemp Reaves feel he has been slighted in the past by certain individual from a particular type of case then all individual fitting that mold will feel is wrath. In particular males coming into child support hearing unemployed, Magistrate Kemp Reaves feels this in all cases is a gamic used by males to get out paying child support, rather than a condition of the economy. Be warned, Magistrate Kemp Reaves is particularly harsh on these males. He will never base your support findings on current income receipts such as unemployment pay-stub, etc… Be extremely cynical of his questioning, his goal is to get you to divulge a base amount in the past that is higher than your current unemployment payment; and that’s the number he will use. Let say you get a job that pays less than the amount he justified to determine your child support payment, then you decided to get a modification. Well the Bronx courts send you right back in the arms of Magistrate Kemp Reaves and he doesn’t take this lightly. He will first works to extend the modification process from anywhere from 6 months to a year and half. What does this do? Think about surviving on 60% of your gross income, 80 to 90 percent after taxes. Basically, you are destitute economically which probably forces you to lose your job or worse (homeless). And if you lose your job, he will not grant you the modification. The irony is this diminishes your ability and effort to support your child in a way child support was intended. I rate this judge very low for failing to recognize that his limitation is helping exacerbate poverty in our city (especially in Bronx).

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY7027
Judge Reaves could go either way. I don't think he's a bad guy, but for someone of his position, I don't find him to be too intelligent. He is easily manipulated by devious people. I believe he means well,I just don't think he is smart enough for such a complex job.


Comment #: NY5061
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is an idiot. I have been on unemployment since 2010 and he increased my child support. This judge read my unemployment hearing decision many times, and now he wants me to pay $20,000 in child care. I never heard about child care for my kids before. I had visitation with them. Their mother told me there was no day care. Five years after I lost my job and filed for a downward modification, this judge is forcing me to pay all this money that I don't have.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY3587
Mag. Kemp is respectfull in the court room, and demands that the litigants be respectful also. He issued a well reasoned decision in favor of the father respnodent and against the mother petitiner, reducing support payments to reimburse father for summer camps costs which mother refused to pay


Comment #: NY3517
Magistrate Kemp Reaves is bias to women petitioners who have file for child support. He ruleds in favor of the Respondant instead reviewing the facts at hand & ruling fairly.