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Supreme Court
Kings (Brooklyn) County
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What others have said about Hon. Noach Dear



Comment #: NY6865
A disgrace to the judicial system. He sits not for what he knows, but for WHO he knows. I guess no one in authority reads these comments as nothing has been done to date. So beware if you go before him, he would be better suited in traffic court.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY6103
The worst Judge I've ever dealt with. Has no knowledge of the law and could care less...his personal agenda is all that matters. Recently upbraided by the Appellate Term for his "gross abuse of discretion", in reality he abuses his discretion on a daily basis. Treats plaintiff attorneys like they were garbage, all plaintiff witnesses are automatically without credibility in his eyes. Worst of the worst.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY6003
Judge Dear runs a very fast paced courtroom. He dislikes adjournments, and you are lucky to have 2 minutes before him on a motion, and 8 minutes to conduct a trial. That said, he is very quick to identify the issues, and really grasps the controversy.

Goes out of his way to protect pro se litigants, and strongly favors settlements. He carefully reviews all settlements, and will not so order it unless he feels it's fair, which usually means 50% of suit amount.

He is a stickler for rules of evidence, and holds plaintiffs to their burden of proving a prima facie case.

Overall, Judge Dear is very fair, reasonable, and very intuitive on the merits of the case.

I wish every Personal Appearance part judge learns from Judge Dear.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY5930
Rating:Not Rated
Hon. Noah Dear is no quality to be a judge. I had a case on 2011. My landlord Simon Cheung has opened the gambling in the basement during I live there(I lived there 13 years), also has bedbug in the building. I let the landlord knew & he said I gave him a trouble, then suit me. Hon. Noah Dear was a judge to take care this case. He's not fare & rush to judge my case because he had to leaving for vacation(he said it in count). He was very rude and kept stopping me when I was trying to explain the entire situation. He impatiently made hand gestures and then said “I don’t care!” And then he yelled out “You’re a liar!” and he throw back all the documents that I have the records of evidences. If I’m a liar, what about all the proof of evidences, records of 311, 911 and the report from the Housing Department? Are all these useless? Is that meaning that NYS and NYC movements are liars too? And people shouldn’t stand up to protect.
Just finish the another lawsuit from same landlord last week, the judge listen to both of us the stories from beginning. Eventually the session came to a merciful end.


Comment #: NY5710
Rating:Not Rated
the worst of the worst

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY5444
Judge Dear pushes his political agenda and is a shame to the American court system.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY5110
What can I say that hasn't already been said? This judge is nothing more than a black-robed gangster. He makes the same speech at the beginning of every court session, proffering equality and justice. In my case, a motion for summary judgment brought by the defendant was dismissed by another judge, and he later granted it based upon the same facts. When I asked him to point out the citation on which he had based his decision (obtained by his law clerk in the back), he refused to provide me with that citation. Now this so-called judge will be judged himself, in Federal Court, under a civil rights violation. (For the record, when I informed the judge that he could not reverse a decision of another court of coordinate jurisdiction, he just ignored me. Not only does he lack the most basic legal principles, he lacks both integrity and a good moral character. I would give him less than a one-star rating.)

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY4901
This judge is a joke -- a flat-out joke. I know for a fact that the other judges at 141 Livingston cannot stand him, as he will actually take dispositive motions from them if the case is on for a trial that day. The reason for this? Because he will not allow any plaintiff seeking money to prevail. I had a trial before him wherein the defendant admitted to owing, and he talked him into objecting. When I realized that the objection was inapplicable, I asked him for the basis upon which such would be permitted. He asked his law clerk in private, and then came back to me with the citation for a criminal matter involving the introduction of police records at a trial. He is a moron, and completely unfair. At least 8 different times (not an exaggeration), he has pulled by summary judgment motions from 1102 (part 34) into 1101 (part 11), and written "denied" across the top of it without even reading the caption. I kid you not when I say this. It has happened to plenty of other attorneys as well. Everyone knows that he is friends with the administrative law judge, which is how he keeps his job and does whatever he wants. Add to everything I said above two other important facts: one, he never even went to law school, let alone completed it, so don't bother referring to the law in his courtroom; and two, several years ago he was accused of embezzlement. If you want more, read this: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/acting-supreme-court-justice-noach-dear-bounced-bench-article-1.1096720. He makes a mockery of the judicial system, and other judges should be embarrassed that he is permitted to call himself a judge. I cannot say enough bad things about this bad person.


Comment #: NY4753
The most biased judge ever. I would love internal affairs to look into his dealings; I am pretty sure he is corrupt. The basis for me saying this is that even though the defendant keeps ignoring the court and not showing up, he vehemently defended the defendant, playing their lawyer. I thought the court should be impartial.