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Suffolk County
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What others have said about Hon. Andrew A. Crecca



Comment #: NY9703
Judge Crecca is extremely bias in my divorce case. I was a witness in a district attorney investigation against Judge Crecca's best friend which forced his best friend to resign from elected office.
When he was a county legislator Judge Crecca voted on my husbands police contracts which is a Conflict of interest.

August 1st 2017 Judge crecca took my children away from me even with no reports of abuse or neglect on the children, There were NO arrests on me as well for abuse or neglect on my kids. My daughter stated in court she wants to live with her mother but judge crecca went against my daughters wishes and removed her from my custody and put me on supervised visits. WHY? I did nothing wrong. It's simply a political vendetta he has against me because of my involvement as a witness for a district attorney investigation.

Judge crecca is suppose to protect domestic violence victims but instead he continues to victimize them . He take their kids away , then all their financial support, Their marital homes in which he had given them exclusive occupancy of , next he holds them in contempt of court and sent to jail. For what ?
This is what he's doing to me. and their are multiple victims of Judge Crecca out there . I have no faith in the justice system because it seems no one cares to help a domestic Violence victim. Judge Crecca is out of control and your commission is doing nothing to pull in his reigns. He's a Narcissist !!
I now developed severe health issues where my life is at stake. Crecca needs to be stopped and removed from the bench before he hurts anymore mothers and children. He's committing Judicial Child abuse bot emotional and mental on the child by not allowing that child to be with their mother. He's wasting taxpayer money by ordering Tests after tests, with doctors and psychologists. For what. There was never any issue with the mothers parenting skills. This is Judge Crecca's way to prolong the case and help fun more money to the court and attorneys on the case. and depleting any money the clients had.
Crecca needs to be removed from the bench immediately. He's out of control hurting families, mothers and children. The children more so.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY9541
Judge Crecca does have Bias views of fathers due to a radical advocacy in Halt program .I recommend to any farther to stay away from this judge.He claims to be a republican but is truly a closet liberal democrat and a feminist that favors any women's opinion over a man


Comment #: NY9430
Judge Crecca is the definition of "The Lawyer who does not know the Law". He doesn't know the law but since he is the God in his room, he need not know human laws.


Comment #: NY3840
Disparaging comments made about a parent to her child. Doesn't recuse himself when defendant's council is 2nd largest contributor to his election campaign. "I am not inclined to award child support arrears" he tells the mother. Shows surprise on the bench when the abuser tells the court he hasn't seen his kids in over a year....they have orders of protection against him. His clerk sits in the jury chairs sleeping, making faces in favor of the plaintiff and nods in agreement with the abuser. The judge doesn't even listen to testimony, claiming he can do more than one thing at a time, mid-trial. No regard for the children's best interests, can go on and on.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY3836
Not one single thing about Crecca's courtroom is fair. He treats the batterer as a hero and continues to batter the abused spouse. In today's world, when children are told they will be protected from an abuser if they tell someone in authority, Judge Crecca gives the exact opposite message, go for therapy and learn to deal with the abusive parent, otherwise you will grow up to be an alcoholic or drug addict. But, the abusive parent, even after CPS confirms abuse, doesn't have to do a thing, and the custodial parent is threatened with contempt for not dragging the unwilling kids to see their abuser. This is a frightening courtroom presided over by a judge who used to be a law guardian.


Comment #: NY1742
Finally- a judge who "gets it"! He's not afraid to take a stand and do what is in a child's best interest. He takes his time and listens to witnesses, as well as the court appointed experts.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY577
A weak judge. Not sure if he ever tried a case before he went on the bench. Weak on the law and sides with the prosecution to protect himself. Not sure who gave him the high rating. Maybe a relative. Another political appointment who lacked the qualifications to be a judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY187
Great judge!