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Orange County
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What others have said about Hon. Lori Currier Woods



Comment #: NY5212
There really is no harder, more emotional job than being a parent and determining what is best for your children. We like to believe that there are all these resources to guide us and educate us and help us to make an informed decision, but sometimes it's a matter of one's intuition and gut feeling. And when that goes against what the judge says -- even when her ruling goes against nature -- there really is no way to choose with any sort of confidence or consequence. It's a lose-lose situation that is forced upon a person. It saddens me when a parent cannot instinctually protect a child -- when the justice system fails, and when money can determine the outcome in family courts. Did you know that in New York state a father can murder the mother in front of the child, and the new guardian is obligated to bring that child to jail to visit the father? What kind of a world are we living in? We should start petitioning our elected officials, and urge them to say "no" to visits for pedophiles and murderers. It does take a village to raise a child, but one person can make a difference. Why should the offender be that person?

Why should we allow a judge such as this one to sit up on her throne and look down on us for inconveniencing her day with a little thing called evidence? Stand up, mothers! Write to the Judiciary Misconduct Committee, and tell them that it's not okay! Each case is unique. These children are not disposable, like this judge seems to think. She gives the abusive father what he wants, hoping that the mother will just give up. But guess what? Sixteen years later, that same little girl is going to be standing before her in the same situation because the cycle was not broken! So stand up -- write, petition, and vote when election time comes! Say that this is not okay! These children are not cattle to be hurried along -- these moments shape their future! Write Governor Cuomo and ask for justice. Ask to change the laws in Family Court. Supervised visits should be supervised, not these phony tag-along services that they have. Parents should be entitled to the reports after every session! Why is she helping to build a system that protects the offender? Who is going to protect the child? Where does the mother turn when the Family Court judge fails? When we don't have money to match the other side's attorney's fees? If he is in violation, he gets a court-appointed attorney to help him not go to jail -- what is this? Where is my free lawyer? My child's law guardian is not allowed to speak to me on behalf of an infant who can't talk.

The system is broken. We need to fix it.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY4969
I agree with the other individual. She made me feel as though I'm not trying my best at being a good parent for my children. Not only am I missing my family, but I am unable to connect with my children -- it breaks my heart. She has you jumping through hoops just to prove yourself, and it's degrading. I feel sorry for her family. She is very rude and not cooperative at all. She doesn't give people a chance to explain themselves, nor does she judge on a case-by-case basis. She gathers everything at once, and doesn't care how she is affecting family lives. I wonder: if her children or grandchildren acted the way that other people's children act, would she take them away, or would she suck it up and think she's perfect?


Comment #: NY4809
Arrogant and rude. I appeared before this judge making a lawful citizen's request and was made to feel like I was a criminal the entire time. I was not allowed to speak, and it was clear the judge had not reviewed the materials I submitted. My request was rejected in all of 3.5 minutes. I felt railroaded and disenfranchised, further impacting my trust in my government.


Comment #: NY4347
Anyone you ask about this female judge, thinks she is insane, does look at the whole picture at all , the child , will be in therapy one day and she will be the blame , then again will she care? Not! This child is already , dealing with issues, with disabilities, at such a young age. Does she care nope , just put him in more danger with his health. with his 5 1/2 hr. ride every other weekend at the age of 2 1/2, to make a father he doesn't even know . And being forced to go. Call it the best interest of the child.


Comment #: NY4199
Rating:Not Rated
Having watched her over the last 3 YEARS she picks her favorites and sticks with them no matter the right of the situation. Mother, father, doesn't matter, it's CPS and adoption! Her involvement is so one sided as to place the children in clear and present danger to the parents and the children oft times making problems where none existed abusing the Color of Law in every way possible! Help me get her off the bench, Hon. C-W? Not on her best day.

Probation or Pretrial Officer

Comment #: NY3842
Rating:Not Rated
I have been witness to several if her cases where she displays an arrogance and outright bias against mothers. There have been several conversations I have had with court officers and other attorneys who question her legal competence and fairness in how she "balances" justice overall to benefit the well being of the children.


Comment #: NY3442
Kafka would be right at home with LCW. I'm to the point of going through the rigamarole to start a complaint! I've meet several other people crawling the same! AND I DON'T PLAY! The form is on Unified Court System & the instructions too. Could use some help, even just encouragement. SHE put my kids worse danger!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY3382
This is in addition to my last comment; my experiences with her Court are too herrendece to be legal. It didn't seem we were I in a US Court of Law. Over the last 16 years I've observed JUDGES, BUT NEVER HAVE SEEN ANYONE LIKE THIS.


Comment #: NY3378
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Woods lacks cultural intelligence and is totally unaware of her biases resorting to stereotypes and appearing substantially gullible. Her lack of awareness and introspection screams out for supervision and accountability. This judge is HOSTILE and full of RAGE. She epitomizes what is wrong with family courts and how children's well being is lost in the process. Judge Woods needs to be reviewed so that she stops arbitrary actions that are cruel for children and parents.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY3156
Hates mothers, what can I say.