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Supreme Court
New York County
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What others have said about Hon. Joy F Campanelli


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY10747
If this judge wasn't so needlessly confrontational and adversarial, she wouldn't be too bad. She generally leaves you alone to try your case, but she is a nightmare to deal with in her part. She is on a huge power trip, often admonishing attorneys for the most minor indiscretions like "leaning on her bench," or reading a newspaper in the gallery. She will also default you if you step out to use a rest room. People who are so obsessed with their title of "judge" are usually the exact people who should never become one. She is simply unpleasant and has generally screwed up a court that was one of the more pleasant, and functional venues, in the NYC court system. She should be sent back to Brooklyn where she came from so she can be with all the other unpleasant and angry judges that borough produces.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY10110
Judge Campanelli is obsessed with the respect and status that she believes she should be accorded as a judge. She totally lacks judicial temperament and has disdain for the attorneys that appear before her.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY9751
Judge Campanelli has imposed new court rules without notice to or consultation with the bar. She has imposed a rule to dismiss cases if the plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney are not present for the second call. She has directed that a default judgment be entered if the defendant is not present at the second call which could be as early as 10:30am. She has refused to accept a jointly signed stipulation of adjournment. Judge Campanelli wants to run the judicial system as it it were a Ford assemble line. This will only result in anger and confusion not justice.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY9511
Both my husband and I (a court-certified interpreter for 24 years) totally agree with the previous comment of a Criminal Defense Lawyer who wrote his rating of Judge Campanelli. Here is the last sentence of his comment: “Maybe she is just enamored with the possible benefits of a “zero tolerance” world but so were the Nazi”. Her whole personality and a so called professional level are far below zero. In our case (where I was a witness) which is very straight-forward and evident even to a non-professional individual, Judge Campanelli acted on the side of the respondent and pronounced comments which are absolutely unprofessional and question her capability to be a Judge, since this position calls for fairness, a knowledge of the Law, intelligence as well as a humane and neutral attitude of the litigants. Here is the evidence of the above-mentioned demeanor of Judge Campanelli. My husband was installing ceramic tiles in the from May 29 to June 2, 2017 and then he was working at the demolition of the wooden floors in the bathroom in the Apt. 4-O which is located 345 St. John’s Place in Brooklyn from June 5 – June 9, 2017. The person who hired him – Thomas Poll – promised to pay him. But when the time of payment came he told Grigori that he did not have money to pay him and that he would pay him in the middle of the following week. But he never did. When my husband called him Thomas cursed him and after that he did not pick up the phone. When we were in front of the Judge the defendant said that the fact that my husband called him was a harassment. And the Judge agreed, repeating twice that it was a harassment. Then without any reasons she took a side of the defendant who claimed that my husband worked only for 3 days. But even in such a case the Judge should have taken it into consideration but she took a side of the defendant and made a judgment in favor of the defendant so that my husband did not get a penny for his 9-day hard work! The Judge interrupted my husband and would not let him say important things. My husband is a very intelligent person. He was a medical doctor in Russia. And in general the Judge’s attitude, her rudeness and her uncontrollable anger was expressed during a whole hearing towards my husband and me, even though she was aware that I am a court-interpreter. She looked at us and talked with hatred which could only be compared to that of an employee of a Nazi concentration camp. She cannot be called an Honorable in such a democratic country as the USA where justice always prevails.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY7480
Joy Campanelli seems to get a certain perverse pleasure in 'teaching people a lesson.' I have heard from one lawyer that she threw a defendant in jail for writing with a piece of chalk on the subway floor. Anger turns into pity towards Joy Campanelli because she does not realize the harm, pain, and waste of resources her decisions cause. She is oblivious to the effects she has over people's lives. Maybe it is because she is new to the criminal system or that she does not realize what occurs at Rikers Islands, but the intoxication that she receives from being on the bench is disturbing. She sets the most bail of all the judges in Brooklyn since the time she has taken the bench, especially for lower level offenses. She is less concerned with the tenants of the law and more concern about what she can and cannot do with her power on the bench. Maybe she is just enamored with the possible benefits of a 'zero tolerance' world, but so were the Nazis.