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Civil Court
Kings (Brooklyn) County
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What others have said about Hon. Odessa Kennedy



Comment #: NY11119
Judge Kennedy is a highly qualified and independent judge who has devoted her career to serving the people of Brooklyn in a highly respectable and fair manner. She always takes a diligent and thorough approach to assessing cases, and examines all sides accordingly. She is fair and approachable to non-represented parties, especially tenants, and makes sure all parties are aware of the proceedings and can comprehend and understand the judicial procedure accurately. Judge Kennedy ran against the Democratic political machine bosses a few years before Ocasio Cortes did, and won! She is highly qualified despite what slumlord lawyers who are upset they lost cases seem to believe, and was elected by the people of Brooklyn even without the party's support. This judge has proven her dedication to the courtroom and a fair and independent approach to law. I have seen her on the bench countless times, and have observed her humble and neutral process. She is a very qualified judge who treats every case with time and respect, and is not who these politically-connected, greedy slumlord attorneys say she is.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY11118
Rating:Not Rated
I absolutely love this humble and unassuming Judge. He is a great role model to young women. She has a great grasp of the law, and I understand why greedy slumlords may think otherwise. She tempers justice with kindness and mercy. She is very understanding and patient with tenants. She is awesome!!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY11040
Odessa Kennedy was NOT selected by the Kings County Democratic "Machine" to run for judge. She was found unqualified by every judicial screening committee. She nonetheless ran with the help of Gary Tilzer, who would run a toaster against any qualified candidate endorsed by the County organization out of personal financial greed and bitter spite.


Comment #: NY11000
A perfect example of the incompetency of so many New York City judges, who get in good with the party machine and wind up on courts that they have no business being on. Odessa (I can’t even muster up enough respect to call her by her last name, let alone “judge”), clearly thinks that whatever backroom deal landed her on a barely-contested judicial election ballot somehow makes her the Ruth Bader Ginsburg of small claims court. From the get go, she was terrible. She shows up late, takes pleasure in her court officer’s belittling elderly, pro se litigants, and seems to have no idea how to operate without constant feedback from her court attorney. Bafflingly, despite doing little more than adjudicating a constant slew of frivolous small claims cases, she has a monstrously large ego and has become something of a little tyrant in a black robe. Despite being painfully ignorant of the law, she’s exceedingly hostile when anyone dares to disagree with her. It is utterly unsurprising that the ONLY legal job she has ever held before this one was at her daddy’s law firm. The NYC judiciary is an utter mess, and Odessa Kennedy is one of the clearest examples of its brokenness.


Comment #: NY10979
This judge is so unprofessional. How was she elected to the bench??? She thinks aloud and asks people how she should say things, what is that?! She seems unsure of herself and afraid to take a decision. Her actions and behaviour are laughable. Judges should also be impartial. I am thinking that she cant be impartial and either just keeps delaying proceedings so that another judge hopefully hears the case or goes with whatever she feels that day. I have been her multiple times to know this. The people in Brooklyn should speak up. Its so unfortunate but she doesnt belong on the bench and is taking up a position for someone who can effectively carry out the job

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY10967
This judge is clearly unqualified and doesn't seem to know procedure,law or much of anything.
Courtesy among counsel is unheard of to her and she apparently can't handle any issue that has a slight twist, which means anything. She is beyond terrible.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY10746
This judge may possibly be one of the most unqualified people on the bench today. Her knowledge of the law is laughable. She is clearly not intelligent and is too arrogant to educate herself on things she doesn't know about. She is obsessed with not being appealed, so she is petrified of making any decisions. When her court attorney is not present, she is absolutely clueless and comes up with random, crazy and inconsistent decisions out of thin air. She is one of the only judges I have ever seen who sits at the bench and writes the decision while speaking out loud, and then asks the litigants how she should say things. She has no short term memory. She has no long term memory. She has no independent legal knowledge and instead routinely harps on the two or three things she thinks she remembers from Civil Procedure class. She should flip a coin when both parties come up to the bench - it would save everyone a lot of time.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY10156
In my opinion:
this Judge is an idiot. I don’t understand how she is even on the bench. She bends over backwards to help pro se’s and doesn’t know the law. She also thinks she’s a lot more important and powerful than she is and tries to abuse what little power she has.