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Family Court
Montgomery County
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What others have said about Hon. Philip V. Cortese



Comment #: NY9217
I rate Philip V. Cortese as an animal.
Cortese is in favor of " rapist rights" over " victims rights".
This man has no business on the bench!!!
However, this is NYS one of the few states left supporting rapists.
Vial, disgusting excuse representing our legal system.


Comment #: NY7735
Denies the right to representation, lies,will punish and suppress anyone in his courtroom who has an opinion to expose truth he regards as "lying"- bad, criminal, and negligent behavior are rewarded in Judge Cortese's court. He does not care about people- he does not believe in the system.Very nasty and angry man.


Comment #: NY6812
Warning women who have no legal documentation of past abuse and most likely have no physical evidence of the abuse because witnesses will not corroborate your story in court. I fail to understand the dynamics- perhaps the ex is in a position of power or Witsec and these records are under seal by court order? It really does not matter as Philip V Cortese will watch the perpetrator abuse and demoralize his prey- all with a smile. This judge is an educated man- he can see the abuse, yet fails to protect the victim because he is basing his judgements on law that was never legal to begin with. Let me explain...One of the parties had a breakdown ten years prior because dying was easier then dealing with this vicious ex... the parties mother ( not husband) because he, by all accounts and public records does not exist) decides upon non existent ex's consent she will use this opportunity to take a fake power of attorney while the victim is at disadvantage. How this happens or is legal I still have yet to know! It happens though. The judge sees people are very competent and truthful but uses this shady excuse to participate in the abuse- never trying to help resolve the legal issue at hand preventing fair justice for victim. How is this a double standard is my question? You can not claim to be "anonymous" and have zero accountability for your children emotionally , legally, or financially- yet have fifty percent custody with five years of not paying child support. And harassing and threatening victim as he has full access to do so. Judge will haphazardly hand out order after order of fake rulings...I tell the truth fully. It is an unreal experience I wish on nobody. If the ex does not exist , then neither does his child or his ex spouse and it is legally considered rape in the eyes of the law. Remember ex can do what he wants because there is no record indicating his rap sheet- longer then a roll of Charmin. In a nutshell- had I known what I was up against and not in a world of denial I would of had no children with this evil man. I would have never stepped foot in this evil court and fled to Mexico...had I known...


Comment #: NY6671
I have nothing but the highest respect for this judge. I believe he is very wise and very fair. My husband is usually good at manipulating people. Judge Cortese had him figured out in about 2 minutes. He made him write out a check for the money he owed me before he left the courtroom. He also showed concern for my daughter's well being and ruled in her best interest.


Comment #: NY6606
Rating:Not Rated
I didn't get to finish my last post. Mr.Cortese wrote a book with Co author Judith S. Claire another justice with the same temperament as him. It is called the NYS bench book for family court. 130 pages of BS and contradictions that neither judge seems to follow. I looked up Judith Claire's background before making blatant accusations because I could not believe any woman in their right mind would work with a man filled with such hatred and bias towards women. It appears the apple does not fall far from the tree of evil these two represent. If you are going to write a book regarding law it's always a good idea to follow through on your very own words in your BS book or else you look like a hypocrite. I tried to rate Philip Cortese on robe probe but apparently he can't handle the truth and my posting can not be submitted. Another person he can pay off with political favors. The truth will eventually come out...he can't hide forever. The man is a liar, criminal, hypocrite, an abusive controlling monster.


Comment #: NY6530
Rating:Not Rated
The only FBI hostage negotiation that is needed, is in Judge Philip V. Cortese's courtroom where he keeps his litigants hostage and treats them like they are immigrants or incompetent with no constitutional rights! This man is a liar, spiteful, and belongs in jail along with his staff of incompetent others.


Comment #: NY5506
My last comment was removed which imho should not be allowed and is a violation of constitutional rights of "free speech".
Someone please disrobe this judge! What is going on in Philip V Cortese's Montgomery County Family Court is criminal!
This is peoples lives this judge is so non chalantly playing with like he is God! When a family is put in grave danger because of a judges actions and belief the family should stay together despite the fathers criminal actions almost killing that family on several occasions is just wrong on so many levels.Where does one turn to? I am tapped out of borrowing money for legal fees; I was denied counsel despite being below poverty level;the thousands I had to borrow for no reason other than harassment from ex and his family taking me to family court(a 4 year neverending ordeal) seemed better thrown out the window...I got the same results pro se with this judge.He even bullied my lawyer... Saying in his words the father of our child; a criminal suffering from mental illness who almost killed him " it doesn't matter; no supervision needed; he can do what he wants"and he does... Until one of us is dead! Maybe then someone will listen