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County Court
Suffolk County
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What others have said about Hon. Barbara Kahn



Comment #: NY6512
Horrible person to be on the bench. Seems very biased to certain age groups & seems to despise defense lawyers. Did not let me speak up in her courtroom during my teenage sons hearing, "Don't want to hear it" she said. Thank God my son is very successful now, no thanks to what she did by not letting a father speak up.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY5829
Rating:Not Rated
2 years jail for Steven Errante who tortured and beat senseless the poor SENTIENT dog, is senseless and totally lax in its punishment of a inhumane bastard who will probably kill a person next time. But obviously, animals to Judge Kahn are no important creatures! This Judge is NOT A DECENT HUMAN BEING! SHE IS NOT WORTHY OF BEING A JUDGE!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY5540
I have practiced before Judge Kahn for almost 15 years in both District Court and County Court. I do NOT see the negatives reflected by other comments. She is down to Earth and receptive to both sides. She is fair on trial and has rarely crossed any line that I would consider "unreasonable" in sentencing. The subject matter of the cases she deals with takes a certain type of person and jurist and Judge Kahn serves the People of Suffolk County very well.


Comment #: NY5537
I believe Judge Kahn is biased ..presents her personal feelings before facts and ..does not have any priority sense.
She lets sexual animals walk, and tortures, incarcerates soccer moms. I am contacting County Supervisor Bellone, I do have access to the county supervisor office, My daughter just married into the circle. I have access to Steve Levy, Mr. Bellone, and all the financial advisors. My daughter just married Frederick Pollert, jr. I m a voting individual, and extremely upset --how I have been treated.
I have no idea how political you are, Judge Kahn but I with extraordinary backup,expose how ridiculous I have been treated. I will let you know judge, my father is a decorated NYPD Detective, Gold Shield, and a Marine Vet.
I have direct communication with the County Supervisor. I will expose you for the wrong you are doing - if I can obtain real proof, I will get it. My Dad was an extraordinary Detective, for the NYPD. He (has since past away), was one of e youngest DE tectives to receive the Gold Shield, in the city.
I will also let you know - I have not driven a car since 2008. I have not broken a law --, because I am not a criminal. I am Irish, Catholic, college educated, raised 3 graduates, paid for 2 tuition's myself. They did not ask me to do this, I stepped up.
So when I wanted to go to college in my senior year, I had been encouraged by my Dad, because - I was excelling in an outstanding school.
My parent's had some money for my brothers, ...Don, my older brother, BioChemist, Manhattan. My younger brother, Dennis, Suma cum Laude Marist, Finacial/Editor for an online company.
My younger sister, RN -- extraordinary Mom of four, first born --just graduated from Yale. My Mom's 2 brothers --Catholic Priests - buried at Villanova, because they were Deans at the school.

I won a full ride to Clemson - so stupid and broke, was afraid I would not be able to go home. So I went Oneonta, my pic still up in gym-cause I was the first FRESHMAN VARSITY BASKETBALL PLAYER(FEMALE) in the school's history.
My picture is still in the lobby of the Sate School - I am so proud of.;
Yes, I am a scholar athlete. My children are outstanding.

Oh and of course paid for my senior year high school tuition @ Rosary Academy..with my part time job at Sears.

My parents were sending all four children - to 12 years Catholic School.

I just wanted to have a chance--to maybe know me better. My mom, Dolores was a full blown alcoholic, my whole life.
My, Dad had very long shifts, 48's and took full advantage of not being there.
I have 3 sibs to testify - how I ran my Mom's house, and took care of them:
Donald O'Neill
Duke Dr.
Furlong, PA
Dennis O'Neill
Ocean Pkwy.
Brielle, NJ
Deirdre Kelly
1289 Centennial Dr.
Rock Hil, SC 29732

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY4749
She is a nightmare!


Comment #: NY3783
Rating:Not Rated
As one of the defendants in her court, I respect her views and how she handles each case and both sides of it. She gave me a justifiable sentence for my crime and it gives me time to fix what I can in my life to improve it. I have a long while to go, currently seeking a psychologist who can get in my head.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY1221
Watch out, she makes faces. A lot of faces. Hates lawyers who make a record and she shows her bias against both defendants and their lawyers. Is very protective of police officers who testify before her.