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District Court
Nassau County
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What others have said about Hon. Sondra Pardes



Comment #: NY4786
This story shows that this judge isn't fit to wear the robes:

Danny Neira, an NYPD officer, and his wife, Rose Neira, of Farmingdale, N.Y., learned on Tuesday that they will not be heading to jail for allowing their dog to starve to death. According to Tuesday's Newsday publication, District Court Judge Sondra Pardes instead ruled that the couple will have three years of probation for their animal cruelty conviction. The couple faced charges after their two-year-old Great Dane, "Zack," was discovered weighing a dismal 87 pounds back in Novemeber 2010. A healthy, normal weight for this breed of dog ranges from 120 to 150 pounds. Following the discovery of the emaciated dog, Zack received intensive veterinary care, but died just weeks later. According to the veterinary clinic which treated him, Zack died from heart issues stemming from starvation. The couple argued that their dog suffered from a bowel disease which caused his poor body weight. They also told the court that their dog was receiving veterinary care. Regardless of the claim of a health issue, the jury found that the couple had not provided adequate care for their dog. The Neiras are prohibited from owning a pet for the next five years.


Comment #: NY2533
Rating:Not Rated
as a pro se defendant judge pardes became very huumble when I sent a letter to her bosses highlighting her obvious bias toward the prosecution. despite there incompetence or outright lying she continually admonished me (actually she went out of her way to insult me). she would lecture me about her high standards and how i needed to show respect for the court. meanwhile the DA would be unprepared and neither they nor she would have any recall of what occurred at the previous hearing. finally a letter to the chief judge in nassau county, and low and behold, the next court appearance she actually talked to me like I was a person and dismissed the case. Im sure this detailed description will reveal to sondra who I am, but I think she needs to learn something from this experience and be a much more even handed judge. Do you agree Sondra?

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY2401
I agree with all the previous comments. This judge is cranky, arrogant and slow. She does not seem to understand that it is expensive to keep attorneys sitting around for an hour and a half or two for each appearance.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY1941
Rating:Not Rated
she clearly and unfairly sides with the prosecution despite their obvious incompetence and ignorance of the law


Comment #: NY1871
Rating:Not Rated
She is rude obnoxious and arrogant. she doesn't know how to listen and is not smart enought to know what it is she doesn;t know, which is quite alot. I cited a federal statute regarding a case and she informed me that it was a NY state court. duh! I had to politely inform that federal statutes apply in state courts. duh again! she finally got with the program and informed the ADA who bore a close resemblance to trek btw, to do his job. she tolerates a high level of incompentence and inefficiency from the DA (I guess like minds think alike). Oh! and Im not even a practicing attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY1701
I can't wait until the day this moron retires. I have spoken to countless attorneys about her, both Democrats and Republicans, and not one attorney has ever had a positive word to say about her. They usually cringe at the mere mention of her name and go on to recount some story about how obnoxious and stupid she is. What puzzles me is that she is utterly clueless of criminal law and yet she is condescending to the experienced criminal lawyers attorneys who appear before her as if her "vast" experience qualifies her to challenge their superior experience. A little advice Sondra, be humble when you have no clue, which you clearly do not. And stop being so nasty to everyone who comes before you. Some of us are not political hacks. Some of us actually practice law. And when you're talking to an experienced criminal trial practitioner, have the decency to give some deference to an old timer whose been doing this for a while instead of usually siding with some pimple faced ADA fresh out of law school.


Comment #: NY1625
She is incompetent, petty and spiteful. Moreover, she lacks an adequate understanding of criminal law and its many complex issues. She, along with many of the sitting criminal court judges, is a former civil practitioner, although I even doubt how experienced she is in civil practice. As such, she has no clue how to handle criminal law issues and to make matters worse, as if her ineptitude were not enough, she rules from the bench with a level of arrogance and smugness befitting perhaps the likes of learned hand, but certainly not appropriate for one who has an obvious less than rudimentary knowledge of the law. Finally, she exhibits bad manners in the courtroom and is rather rude to the other members of the court. I suspect that this is the obvious result of being dimwitted and lacking confidence. Let's hope she realizes her incompetence and selects a career more suitable to someone of her intelligence. To that end, she should start to familiarize herself with such phrases as "please drive around to the window" and "would you like fries with that?"

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY1413
It is not that she is a bad judge it is just that she is overwhelmed. She takes too long to conference things, and is so slow that everyone hates going to her part.

She is relatively even-handed, but she causes suffering in that she has no idea how to come to a swift and impartial decision. If she is forced to think quickly she errs on the side of the prosecutor, however when she has time to think it through she isn't bad.

She is a little whining and a prima donna but that comes with the job. There have been far worse.