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Supreme Court
Kings (Brooklyn) County
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What others have said about Hon. Eric I. Prus



Comment #: NY8492
Nasty individual, arrogant and rude. He is biased against victimized women and children by aiding abusive husbands.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY8357
Justice Prus is able to figure out solutions to complex matters. He is a fair judge and takes all issues into consideration. He pushes cases towards settlement and resolves matters.


Comment #: NY8071
Makes hasty and nasty decisions based on guilty until proven innocent philosophy.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY8046
Monster, over and over and over and over again.


Comment #: NY6059
Rating:Not Rated
I had a divorce case with this judge and so far I think he is a great judge who understands my concern...
I would like to contact him - I need his help... If anyone can give me his email address, I will appreciate it- thank you so much.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY4828
This judge allows gouging in the extreme. My client was given restraining orders, although there was no evidence it was required, and in fact they did not even know where the other party lived. It was just a series of meaningless motions designed to rack up money for the other attorney and destroy the well-earned stellar reputation of my client. There is no amount of fear this judge will not inflict, and for no reason whatsoever, as he pleases ruthless, greedy attorneys to curry their favor. He destroys families and people, but his entire courtroom is delighted, as they watch and are entertained by his antics. His court attorney is insensitive at best and more likely deliberately sadistic, as she makes conclusions based on assumptions and speculation, and never on verified facts. My advice is to settle without stepping inside this court of injustice and evil.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NY4815
It is interesting that litigants' ratings are not included. So that proves what they believe, that the system is not geared to helping them or caring about the outcome, but rather to providing lawyers an income -- nothing else is the priority of the courts. Imagine a ratings system which does not even want to tally how litigants respond to it? It would be like asking students to rate the professor but discarding their ratings, and only allowing the ratings of the department chair, or other professors. What a joke this corrupt justice system is! Lying attorneys blaming hapless litigants for everything, and judges being as cruel as they can be.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY4126
Belongs in small claims court

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY3348
It seems that everyone hates their matrimonial judge. Judge Prus is a fine judge, who exhibited no bias in my case, pushed it towards settlement, appropriately, and we resolved the case, amicably. I am not shilling for the judge, and I am not saying he is a superstar, but he is a decent judge with a decent reputation. To allow a litigant to post on this site who claims that their matrimonial action is a "cause of action from 9/11" shows how out-there some of the commentators are.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY2935
In my almost 20 years of practicing matrimonial law, on a high level, I was stunned by this Judge's unprofessional demeanor in the courtroom. He is repeatedly rude to the attorneys and the litigants, and that attitude seeps down to his court attorney and court officer, both of whom are downright obnoxious. The only positive thing I can say about the court is Cliff, the court part clerk, who is very nice and very professional. He should sit the judge and the other two down and give them some tutorials. I was embarrassed, as an attorney, to stand there in court with my poor client and be a witness to this Judge's nasty temperament and intemperate comments. He is an intellectual lightweight, at best, and unfit to wear that robe - and clearly, because he was somehow elected to a 14-term, thinks that he's untouchable.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NY2115
Ours was his first contested matrimonial case. The cause of action was terrorism from 9/11 which Prus exploited causing new and greater damage to my partner and our children than any terrorism caused. He uniformly denied all constitutional rights such as witnesses, trial by jury, transcripts and largely abused law in the most extreme ways. Damage to our children is extreme and ongoing as a result. Failure includes biasing even the psychiatric material so as to force a conclusion. I sued in the federal court and am returning to sue in the state court. After the federal filing the OCA removed Judge Silbermann and eliminated her department.


Comment #: NY1850
Leaves everything in the hands of his court attorney, who thinks litigants don't really matter. She loves to see litigants squirm and attorneys get all their money. Any illegal maneuver she thinks she can get away with, she engages in. She does not believe you when you are totally truthful and fabricates the facts she wants to get the results she wants. She has no compassion and is most happy when she blames Judge Prus for being the mean one while looking and smelling like the rose she is not.
Prus just goes along with anything the attorneys want him to, as outlandish and mean as it is. A lawless atmosphere exists and he threatens litigants for no reason with incarceration and dangles handcuffs at them when there is no provocation. He also prefers a lawyer to prose but lawyers are prevented from helping their clients in his courtroom, once the clerk decdes what she wants to go down.
He will close the case to make himself look good then prolong it indefinitely with post motions which have no valididty and reason to exist.
His courtroom can be nice and protective one minute then bullying and demeaning the next.
Definitely NOT a place where there is justice for all. Almost as bad as your ex., but with more power.