Pennsylvania Judges - Last Name G

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NameTitleCourtCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Walter Gadzicki, Jr.Judge Magisterial District Montgomery 0
Hon. Robert GaffneyJudge Magisterial District Bucks 0
Hon. James GallagherJudge Magisterial District Montgomery 0
Hon. Terrence GallagherJudge Magisterial District Lackawanna 0
Hon. Vincent D. Gallagher, Jr.Judge Magisterial District Delaware 0
Hon. Robert GalloJudge Common Pleas Allegheny 0
Hon. Thomas GambardellaJudge Magisterial District Bucks 0
Hon. John GarhartJudge Common Pleas Erie 0
Hon. Tina Polachek GartleyJudge Common Pleas Luzerne 0
Hon. Carl GarverJudge Magisterial District Lebanon 0
Hon. Thomas Gauby , Sr.Judge Magisterial District Berks 0
Hon. Thomas GavinSenior Judge Common Pleas Chester 0
Hon. D. Gregory GearyJudge Common Pleas Somerset 0
Hon. Lesa GelbJudge Common Pleas Luzerne 0
Hon. John GembicJudge Magisterial District Northumberland 0
Hon. Michael GeorgeJudge Common Pleas Adams 0
Hon. Joseph George, Jr.Judge Magisterial District Fayette 0
Hon. Brian GermanoJudge Magisterial District Monroe 0
Hon. Steven GeroffSenior Judge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Vito GerouloJudge Common Pleas Lackawanna 0
Hon. Diane GibbonsJudge Common Pleas Bucks 2
Hon. James GibbonsJudge Magisterial District Lackawanna 0
Hon. Nancy GillJudge Magisterial District Chester 0
Hon. Gary GilmanJudge Common Pleas Bucks 0
Hon. Aaron GingrichJudge Magisterial District Mifflin 0
Hon. Emil GiordanoJudge Common Pleas Northampton 0
Hon. David GlassJudge Magisterial District Berks 0
Hon. Gary GlazerJudge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Samuel GoldstrohmJudge Magisterial District Armstrong 0
Hon. Nancy Matos GonzalezJudge Magisterial District Northampton 0
Hon. James P. GoodmanJudge Common Pleas Schuylkill 0
Hon. Leslie GorbeyJudge Common Pleas Lancaster1.02
Hon. Roger GordonJudge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Richard Gordon, Jr.Judge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Richard GrayJudge Common Pleas Lycoming 0
Hon. Leonard GrecekJudge Magisterial District Cambria 0
Hon. G. Michael GreenJudge Common Pleas Delaware 0
Hon. George GregoryJudge Magisterial District Forest 0
Hon. Gail GrethJudge Magisterial District Berks 0
Hon. David GriffinJudge Magisterial District Delaware 0
Hon. Edward GriffithJudge Common Pleas Chester9.51
Hon. Arthur GrimSenior Judge Common Pleas Berks 0
Hon. H. Terry GrimesSenior Judge Court of Appeals Franklin 0
Hon. David GrineSenior Judge Common Pleas Centre 0
Hon. Walter GroomJudge Magisterial District York 0
Hon. Scott GrossJudge Magisterial District York 0
Hon. Edward GuidoJudge Common Pleas Cumberland 0
Hon. Douglas GummoJudge Magisterial District Huntington 0