Pennsylvania Judges - Last Name W

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NameTitleCourtCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. William WagnerJudge Magisterial District Allegheny 0
Hon. Shawn WagnerJudge Court of Appeals Adams 0
Hon. Robert Wagner , Jr.Judge Magisterial District Bucks 0
Hon. John Wagner, Jr.Judge Common Pleas Fayette 0
Hon. Clyde WaiteJudge Common Pleas Bucks 0
Hon. John WalkerSenior Judge Common Pleas Franklin 0
Hon. Donald Walko, Jr.Judge Common Pleas Allegheny1.31
Hon. Kelly WallJudge Common Pleas Montgomery1.13
Hon. Daniel WallaceJudge Common Pleas Mercer 0
Hon. Joseph WalshJudge Common Pleas Erie 0
Hon. Richard WalshJudge Common Pleas Franklin 0
Hon. John WaltmanJudge Magisterial District Bucks 0
Hon. Christine WardJudge Common Pleas Allegheny 0
Hon. William WardJudge Common Pleas Allegheny 0
Hon. Ethan WardJudge Magisterial District Washington 0
Hon. Paul WareJudge Magisterial District Lackawanna 0
Hon. Ralph WarmanSenior Judge Court of Appeals Fayette 0
Hon. Leroy WatsonJudge Magisterial District Greene 0
Hon. Richard WebbSenior Judge Common Pleas Carbon 0
Hon. Ferris WebbyJudge Magisterial District Luzerne 0
Hon. Gail WeilheimerJudge Common Pleas Montgomery 0
Hon. Douglas Weimer, Jr.Judge Magisterial District Westmoreland 0
Hon. Delores WeissJudge Magisterial District Potter 0
Hon. Christopher WelchJudge Magisterial District Indiana 0
Hon. Jay WellerJudge Magisterial District Washington 0
Hon. Richard WelshJudge Magisterial District Montgomery 0
Hon. William WennerJudge Magisterial District Dauphin 0
Hon. R. Stanton Wettick, Jr.Judge Common Pleas Allegheny 0
Hon. Ann Marie WheatcraftJudge Common Pleas Chester 0
Hon. Fred WheatonJudge Magisterial District Bradford 0
Hon. George WheelerJudge Common Pleas Tioga 0
Hon. John WhelanJudge Common Pleas Delaware 0
Hon. Michael WherrySenior Judge Common Pleas Mercer 0
Hon. H. William White, Jr.Judge Common Pleas Venango 0
Hon. Gary WhitemanJudge Magisterial District Lycoming 0
Hon. John WhitesellJudge Magisterial District Monroe 0
Hon. Donald WhittakerJudge Magisterial District Luzerne 0
Hon. Jonathan WilcoxJudge Magisterial District Bradford 0
Hon. Will Keith WilliamsJudge Magisterial District Delaware 0
Hon. Todd WilliamsJudge Magisterial District Franklin 0
Hon. Linda Lou WilliamsJudge Magisterial District York 0
Hon. Evan WilliamsJudge Common Pleas Bradford 0
Hon. Rick WilliamsJudge Common Pleas Mifflin 0
Hon. Joseph Williams, IIIJudge Common Pleas Allegheny 0
Hon. J. Michael WilliamsonPresiding Judge Common Pleas Clinton 0
Hon. David WilliamsonJudge Common Pleas Monroe 0
Hon. Mark WilsonJudge Magisterial District Washington 0
Hon. Richard WiltJudge Magisterial District Huntington 0
Hon. Adam WitkonisJudge Magisterial District Lancaster 0
Hon. Lowell WitmerJudge Magisterial District Dauphin 0
Hon. Harold WoelfelJudge Common Pleas Snyder 0
Hon. Donna WoelpperJudge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Chris WoganJudge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Kim WolfeJudge Magisterial District Lebanon 0
Hon. Todd WoodinJudge Magisterial District Warren 0
Hon. Dwayne WoodruffJudge Common Pleas Allegheny 0
Hon. Sheila Woods-SkipperJudge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. David WorkmanJudge Common Pleas Lancaster 0
Hon. Margherita Patti WorthingtonJudge Common Pleas Monroe 0
Hon. Jeffery WrightJudge Common Pleas Lancaster 0
Hon. Edward WrightJudge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Nina Wright PadillaJudge Common Pleas Philadelphia 0
Hon. Robert WydaJudge Magisterial District Allegheny 0