South Carolina Judges - Last Name F

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NameTitleCourtCircuitCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Toney L. Farr, Sr.Judge Magistrate SixteenthUnion 0
Hon. Gary R. FaulkenberryJudge Magistrate FourthChesterfield 0
Hon. Jane D. FenderJudge Family Court FourteenthAllendale 0
Hon. John C. FewChief Judge Court of Appeals  At Large 0
Hon. Terry A. FingerJudge Magistrate FourteenthBeaufort 0
Hon. Darrell S. FisherJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Mark F. FitzgibbonsJudge Magistrate FourteenthBeaufort 0
Hon. Dean E. FordJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Leila . FosterJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Randy B. FoxworthJudge Magistrate ThirdWilliamsburg 0
Hon. James F. Fraley, Jr.Judge Family Court SeventhCherokee 0
Hon. Edward FreemanJudge Magistrate SecondBamberg 0
Hon. Marcia N. FryeJudge Magistrate ThirdClarendon 0
Hon. Peter L. FugeJudge Family Court FourteenthAllendale 0
Hon. Elease H. FultonJudge Magistrate ThirdClarendon 0
Hon. Danny L. FurrJudge Magistrate FifteenthGeorgetown 0