South Carolina Judges - Last Name G

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NameTitleCourtCircuitCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Dale Moore GableJudge Family Court SecondAiken 0
Hon. Keisha D. GadsdenJudge Magistrate FourteenthColleton 0
Hon. Stephanie L. Ganaway-PasleyJudge Magistrate NinthCharleston 1
Hon. Jimmy W. Gantt, Jr.Judge Magistrate SecondBarnwell 0
Hon. Paul W. GarfinkelJudge Family Court NinthBerkeley 0
Hon. Charles R. GarrettJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Vilvin W. GarrisonJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Charles M. GavinJudge Magistrate ThirdClarendon 0
Hon. John D. GeathersJudge Court of Appeals  At Large 0
Hon. William T. Geddings, Sr.Judge Magistrate ThirdClarendon 0
Hon. Brian M. GibbonsJudge Family Court SixthChester 0
Hon. Brian M. GibbonsJudge Circuit SixthChester 0
Hon. Gaybriel Y. GibsonJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. George R. GibsonJudge Magistrate ThirdSumter 0
Hon. Jacob Gillens, Sr.Judge Magistrate FirstOrangeburg 0
Hon. Stanley M. GillespieJudge Magistrate ThirteenthPickens 0
Hon. William E. GilmerJudge Magistrate TenthAnderson 0
Hon. Susan G. GladdenJudge Magistrate EighthAbbeville 0
Hon. Brooks P. GoldsmithJudge Circuit SixthChester 0
Hon. Diane Schafer GoodsteinJudge Circuit FirstCalhoun9.81
Hon. Patrick GoodwinJudge Magistrate ThirdClarendon 0
Hon. Fred H. Gordon, Jr.Judge Magistrate ThirdSumter 0
Hon. James Gosnell, Jr.Judge Magistrate NinthCharleston 0
Hon. Eber C. Gowan, Jr.Judge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Cheryl GrahamJudge Magistrate TwelfthMarion 0
Hon. Perry GravelyJudge Circuit ThirteenthPickens 0
Hon. Johnny H. GraysonJudge Magistrate SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Bryan K. GriffinJudge Magistrate ThirdSumter 0
Hon. M. Anderson GriffithJudge Masters in equity SecondAiken 0
Hon. Eugene C. Griffith, Jr.Judge Circuit EighthLaurens 0
Hon. Charles A. GrillJudge Magistrate FourteenthHampton 0
Hon. Sandra M. GrimsleyJudge Magistrate TwelfthFlorence 0
Hon. Henry W. GuerardJudge Magistrate NinthCharleston 0
Hon. Robert E. GuessJudge Family Court SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Karry L. GuilloryJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. David G. GuytonJudge Family Court SixteenthYork 0