South Carolina Judges - Last Name H

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NameTitleCourtCircuitCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Ronald C. HalfacreJudge Magistrate EighthNewberry 0
Hon. Monte L. HarrelsonJudge Magistrate FifteenthHorry1.41
Hon. Kristi Lea HarringtonJudge Circuit NinthBerkeley 0
Hon. Mark A. HarrisJudge Magistrate FifteenthHorry 0
Hon. Ralph E. HartisJudge Magistrate FifthKershaw 0
Hon. Percy B. Harvin, Jr.Judge Magistrate ThirdClarendon 0
Hon. Mackie D. HayesJudge Magistrate FourthDillon 0
Hon. J. Mark Hayes, IIJudge Circuit  At Large 0
Hon. John C. Hayes, IIIJudge Circuit SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Kaye G. HearnJustice Supreme Court  At Large 0
Hon. Roger E. HendersonJudge Family Court FourthChesterfield 0
Hon. Sophia T. HendersonJudge Magistrate FourteenthColleton 0
Hon. Jimmy B. HensonJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Bobbie J. HerculesJudge Magistrate TwelfthMarion 0
Hon. James F. Hicks, IIIJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. D. Garrison HillJudge Circuit ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Donald B. HockerJudge Circuit  At Large 0
Hon. Lawson J. Holland, Jr.Judge Magistrate SecondBarnwell 0
Hon. Jan B. Bromell HolmesJudge Family Court FifteenthHorry 0
Hon. Michael S. HoltJudge Family Court FourthChesterfield 0
Hon. Robert E. HoodJudge Circuit FifthKershaw 0
Hon. David B. HorneJudge Magistrate EleventhSaluda 0
Hon. Leisa R. HotchkissJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Cynthia Graham HoweJudge Masters in equity FifteenthHorry 0
Hon. Herman M. HowellJudge Magistrate SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Robert B. HowellJudge Magistrate SeventhCherokee 0
Hon. Matthew B. HubbardJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. James E. HudsonJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Thomas E. HuffJudge Court of Appeals  At Large 0
Hon. Thomas L. Hughston, Jr.Judge Circuit EighthLaurens 0
Hon. Michelle M. HurleyJudge Family Court FifthKershaw 0
Hon. Larry B. Hyman, Jr.Judge Circuit  At Large 0