South Carolina Judges - Last Name S

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NameTitleCourtCircuitCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Nancy D. SadlerJudge Magistrate FourteenthBeaufort10.01
Hon. Walter H. Sanders, Jr.Judge Masters in equity FourteenthAllendale 0
Hon. Laura SaundersJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Mikell R. ScarboroughJudge Masters in equity NinthCharleston 0
Hon. Joseph S. ScarboroughJudge Magistrate ThirdLee 0
Hon. Cheveron ScottJudge Magistrate FourthDarlington 0
Hon. LaShonda ScottJudge Magistrate FourteenthBeaufort 0
Hon. Michael Scurlock, Jr.Judge Magistrate SixteenthYork 0
Hon. William H. Seals, Jr.Judge Circuit  At Large 0
Hon. W. Greg SeiglerJudge Family Court EleventhMcCormick 0
Hon. Edward L. SessionsJudge Magistrate NinthBerkeley 0
Hon. Douglas W. SextonJudge Magistrate SixteenthYork 0
Hon. William D. SharpJudge Magistrate TenthAnderson 0
Hon. Kirby D. Shealy, Jr.Judge Magistrate FifthRichland 0
Hon. Peter B. ShelbourneJudge Magistrate FirstDorchester 0
Hon. Keith A. SherlinJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Paul E. Short, Jr.Judge Court of Appeals  At Large 0
Hon. Joyce B. ShultsJudge Magistrate EleventhSaluda 0
Hon. Chilton G. SimmonsJudge Magistrate FourteenthBeaufort 0
Hon. Janice Y. SimmonsJudge Magistrate FirstDorchester 0
Hon. Letonya T. SimmonsJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Michael T. SimmonsJudge Magistrate TenthOconee 0
Hon. Deirdre SimmonsJudge Magistrate FifthRichland 0
Hon. Charles B. Simmons, Jr.Judge Masters in equity ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Robert F. SimmsJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Donald J. SimonsJudge Magistrate FifthRichland 0
Hon. Phillip K. SinclairJudge Family Court SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Richardine Singleton-BrownJudge Magistrate NinthCharleston 0
Hon. Robert L. SloanJudge Magistrate SixthChester 0
Hon. Gwendlyne Y. SmallsJudge Family Court FifthKershaw 0
Hon. Dwight G. SmithJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Harold W. SmithJudge Magistrate SixteenthUnion 0
Hon. Patty L. SmithJudge Magistrate EleventhMcCormick 0
Hon. Vicki Rae M. SmithJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Joseph C. SmithdealJudge Family Court EighthAbbeville 2
Hon. Gerald C. Smoak, Jr.Judge Family Court FourteenthAllendale 0
Hon. Vicki J. SnelgroveJudge Family Court SecondAiken 0
Hon. Charlene C. SnowdenJudge Magistrate FirstDorchester 0
Hon. Algernon G. Solomons, Jr.Judge Magistrate FourteenthHampton 0
Hon. Kenneth Southerlin, Jr.Judge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. James O. SpenceJudge Masters in equity EleventhLexington 0
Hon. Charles D. SpiveyJudge Magistrate FourthDillon 0
Hon. Rod H. SproattJudge Magistrate FourteenthBeaufort 0
Hon. W. Thomas Sprott, Jr.Judge Family Court SixthChester 0
Hon. R. Scott SprouseJudge Circuit TenthOconee 0
Hon. Arthur T. Sprouse, Jr.Judge Magistrate SixteenthUnion 0
Hon. James A. SpruillJudge Family Court FourthChesterfield 0
Hon. Robert A. Stanton, Jr.Judge Magistrate FourthMarlboro 0
Hon. Ellen S. SteinbergJudge Magistrate NinthCharleston 0
Hon. Phillip S. StephensJudge Magistrate ThirdClarendon 0
Hon. Victor G. StephensJudge Magistrate FirstDorchester 0
Hon. Robin B. StilwellJudge Circuit ThirteenthPickens 0
Hon. D. M. StokesJudge Magistrate NinthBerkeley 0
Hon. Michael D. StokesJudge Magistrate ThirteenthGreenville 0
Hon. Caroline W. StreaterJudge Magistrate FifthRichland 0
Hon. Joseph M. StricklandJudge Masters in equity FifthRichland 0
Hon. Donna S. StromJudge Family Court FifthKershaw 0
Hon. Valerie R. StromanJudge Magistrate FifthRichland 0
Hon. Patrick D. SullivanJudge Magistrate SecondAiken 0
Hon. JoAnna E. Summey-FullerJudge Magistrate NinthCharleston 0
Hon. George A. SurlesJudge Magistrate FifthRichland 0
Hon. Michael P. SwearingenJudge Magistrate SixthFairfield 0