South Carolina Judges - Last Name W

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NameTitleCourtCircuitCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Jason T. WallJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Alan W. WaltersJudge Magistrate FifteenthGeorgetown 0
Hon. Norman R. Watkins, Jr.Judge Magistrate SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Robert E. WatsonJudge Masters in equity NinthBerkeley 0
Hon. G. Edward WelmakerJudge Circuit ThirteenthPickens 0
Hon. Brian WestJudge Magistrate NinthBerkeley 0
Hon. Donald R. WestJudge Magistrate FirstOrangeburg 0
Hon. James H. West, IIJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Evonne WhaleyJudge Magistrate NinthBerkeley 1
Hon. Jackson WhipperJudge Magistrate NinthCharleston 0
Hon. Frank WhiteJudge Magistrate TwelfthFlorence 0
Hon. James W. WhiteJudge Magistrate TenthAnderson 0
Hon. Thomas Henry White, IVJudge Family Court SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Gerald T. Whitley, Jr.Judge Magistrate FifteenthHorry 0
Hon. Ronald W. WhitmanJudge Magistrate TenthAnderson9.61
Hon. Scott D. WhittleJudge Magistrate EleventhLexington 0
Hon. Carolyn A. WilliamsJudge Magistrate FourteenthHampton 0
Hon. Delores F. WilliamsJudge Magistrate ThirdWilliamsburg 0
Hon. Magnolia T. WilliamsJudge Magistrate FourthDillon 0
Hon. H. Bruce WilliamsJudge Circuit  At Large 0
Hon. H. Bruce WilliamsJudge Court of Appeals  At Large 0
Hon. Eugene C. Williams, Sr.Judge Magistrate FourteenthJasper 0
Hon. Donna H. WilliamsonJudge Magistrate SecondAiken 0
Hon. Meree D. WilliamsonJudge Magistrate FirstOrangeburg 0
Hon. James D. Willingham, IIJudge Magistrate SeventhSpartanburg 0
Hon. Denise B. WindhamJudge Magistrate FourthDarlington 0
Hon. Barbara J. Wofford-KanwatJudge Magistrate FifthRichland10.01
Hon. David S. WoodJudge Magistrate SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Steven S. WoodJudge Magistrate SeventhCherokee 0
Hon. Stephanie WoodJudge Magistrate SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Henry WoodsJudge Family Court SixteenthYork 0
Hon. Julian WrightJudge Magistrate SeventhCherokee 0
Hon. William J. Wylie, Jr.Judge Family Court FirstCalhoun 0