Tennessee Judges - Last Name B

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NameTitleCourtCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. J. Lee BaileyJudge General Sessions Maury 0
Hon. Kenneth N. BaileyJudge General Sessions Greene 0
Hon. David BalesJudge General Sessions Hamilton 0
Hon. Billy D. BalilesJudge General Sessions Polk 0
Hon. Keta J. BarnesJudge General Sessions Polk 0
Hon. David BassJudge General Sessions Smith 0
Hon. Robert Stevie BealJudge General Sessions Henderson 0
Hon. Robbie T. BealCircuit Court Judge County Court Hickman 0
Hon. James C. BeasleyJudge Criminal Court Shelby 0
Hon. R. Jerry BeckCircuit Court Judge County Court Sullivan 0
Hon. John A. BellJudge General Sessions Cocke 0
Hon. Rachel BellJudge General Sessions Davidson 0
Hon. Andy D. BennettJudge Court of Appeals None 0
Hon. J. B. BennettCircuit Court Judge County Court Hamilton 0
Hon. Sam BenningfieldJudge General Sessions White 0
Hon. Joseph BinkleyCircuit Court Judge County Court Davidson 0
Hon. Michael BinkleyCircuit Court Judge County Court Hickman 0
Hon. Jeffrey S. BivinsJudge Court of Criminal Appeals None 0
Hon. Cheryl A. BlackburnJudge Criminal Court Davidson 0
Hon. Carolyn Wade BlackettJudge Criminal Court Shelby 0
Hon. Jacqueline E. BoltonCircuit Court Judge County Court Hamilton9.41
Hon. W. Collins BondsJudge General Sessions Gibson 0
Hon. Beth BonifaceCircuit Court Judge County Court Greene 0
Hon. Claudia BonnymanChancery County Court Davidson 0
Hon. Lee Bussart BowlesJudge General Sessions Marshall 0
Hon. Haylee Ann Bradley-MaplesJudge General Sessions Humphreys 0
Hon. David M. BraggCircuit Court Judge County Court Cannon 0
Hon. Larry D. BrandonJudge General Sessions Rutherford 0
Hon. Roger Eastman BrandonJudge General Sessions Marshall 0
Hon. Robert M. Brannon, Jr.Judge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. Martha BrasfieldChancery County Court Fayette 1
Hon. William R. BrewerJudge Court of Appeals Blount 0
Hon. G. Andrew BrighamJudge General Sessions Stewart 0
Hon. Timothy BrockJudge General Sessions Coffee 0
Hon. Joyce C. BroffittJudge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. Thomas White BrothersCircuit Court Judge County Court Davidson 0
Hon. W. Frank BrownChancery County Court Hamilton9.91
Hon. Barry R. BrownJudge Supreme Court Sumner 0
Hon. Daniel E. BrownJudge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. Jerri BryantChancery County Court Bradley 0
Hon. Robert BurchCircuit Court Judge County Court Cheatham 0
Hon. M. Wyatt BurkCircuit Court Judge County Court Bedford 0
Hon. Todd BurnettJudge General Sessions Fentress 0
Hon. Leon BurnsJudge Criminal Court Clay 0
Hon. James ButlerChancery County Court Chester 0
Hon. Clara ByrdCircuit Court Judge County Court Jackson 0