Tennessee Judges - Last Name D

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NameTitleCourtCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Rex Alan DaleJudge General Sessions Loudon 0
Hon. Angelita Blackshear DaltonJudge General Sessions Davidson 0
Hon. John DamronJudge General Sessions Giles 0
Hon. Michael A. DavisJudge General Sessions Morgan 0
Hon. Kristi DavisCircuit Court Judge County Court Knox 0
Hon. Dean P. DedmonJudge General Sessions Dyer 0
Hon. William Terry DentonJudge General Sessions Blount 0
Hon. Richard DinkinsJudge Court of Appeals None 0
Hon. J. Reed DixonJudge General Sessions Monroe 0
Hon. Sandra N.C. DonaghyJudge Criminal Court Bradley 0
Hon. John A. DonaldJudge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. Steve DozierJudge Criminal Court Davidson 1
Hon. David DugganCircuit Court Judge County Court Blount 0
Hon. John F. DuggerJudge Criminal Court Greene 0
Hon. Gloria DumasJudge General Sessions Davidson 0
Hon. Forest Durard, Jr.Circuit Court Judge County Court Bedford 0
Hon. Ronald W. DurbyJudge General Sessions Hamilton 0
Hon. David Earl DurhamJudge Criminal Court Jackson 0
Hon. Tim James DwyerJudge General Sessions Shelby 0