Tennessee Judges - Last Name G

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NameTitleCourtCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Michael A. GallegosJudge General Sessions Blount9.91
Hon. Phyllis B. GardnerJudge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. James GassCircuit Court Judge County Court Cocke 0
Hon. Dee David GayJudge Criminal Court Sumner 0
Hon. Hamilton Gayden, Jr.Circuit Court Judge County Court Davidson 0
Hon. Tiffany Gentry GipsonJudge Supreme Court Jackson 0
Hon. Alan E. GlennJudge Court of Criminal Appeals None 0
Hon. Burton D. GloverJudge General Sessions Robertson 0
Hon. Kenneth R. GobleJudge General Sessions Montgomery 0
Hon. Arnold B. GoldinChancery County Court Shelby 0
Hon. William GoodmanCircuit Court Judge County Court Montgomery 0
Hon. Danny GoodmanJudge General Sessions Lake 0
Hon. James GoodwinJudge Criminal Court Sullivan 0
Hon. Nolan R. GoolsbyJudge General Sessions Putnam 0
Hon. Thomas GrahamCircuit Court Judge County Court Bledsoe 0
Hon. Tom E. GrayChancery County Court Sumner 0
Hon. G. Scott GreenJudge Criminal Court Knox 0
Hon. Tom GreenholtzJudge Criminal Court Hamilton 0
Hon. Terry GregoryJudge General Sessions Moore 0
Hon. Ray GrimesJudge General Sessions Montgomery 0
Hon. John GwinJudge General Sessions Wilson 1