Tennessee Judges - Last Name M

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NameTitleCourtCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. John J. MadduxCircuit Court Judge County Court Clay 0
Hon. W. Michael MaloanChancery County Court Obion 0
Hon. Freeman C. MarrJudge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. James MartinCircuit Court Judge County Court Hickman 0
Hon. Karen L. MasseyJudge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. Phillip A. MaxeyJudge General Sessions Cheatham 0
Hon. John McAfeeCircuit Court Judge County Court Campbell7.61
Hon. John R. McCarrollCircuit Court Judge County Court Shelby 0
Hon. John Westley McClartyJudge Court of Appeals None 0
Hon. Amanda McClendonCircuit Court Judge County Court Davidson 0
Hon. Carol L. McCoyChancery County Court Davidson 0
Hon. J. Weber McCrawCircuit Court Judge County Court Fayette 0
Hon. Ben Hall McFarlinJudge General Sessions Rutherford 2
Hon. Bobby Ray McGeeJudge Criminal Court Knox 0
Hon. Carma Dennis McGeeChancery County Court Benton 0
Hon. Charles Creed McGinleyCircuit Court Judge County Court Benton 0
Hon. Patricia McGuireJudge General Sessions Lawrence 0
Hon. James W. McKenzieJudge General Sessions Rhea 0
Hon. Larry F. McKenzieJudge General Sessions Chester 0
Hon. Gary McKenzieJudge Criminal Court Clay 0
Hon. John S. McLellanCircuit Court Judge County Court Sullivan 0
Hon. Van D. McMahanJudge General Sessions McNairy 0
Hon. Laurence M. McMillanChancery County Court Montgomery 0
Hon. Greg McMillanCircuit Court Judge County Court Knox 0
Hon. Camille R. McMullenJudge Court of Criminal Appeals None 0
Hon. Susan MeltonJudge General Sessions Cannon 0
Hon. Michael F. MondelliJudge General Sessions Davidson 0
Hon. Louis J. MontesiJudge General Sessions Shelby 0
Hon. Robert MontgomeryJudge Criminal Court Sullivan 0
Hon. E.G. MoodyChancery County Court Sullivan 0
Hon. Russell Lee MooreCircuit Court Judge County Court Dyer 0
Hon. Durwood G. MooreJudge General Sessions Dickson 0
Hon. Thomas L. MooreJudge General Sessions Weakley 0
Hon. Carter MooreCircuit Court Judge County Court Cocke 0
Hon. Betty Thomas MooreJudge General Sessions Shelby10.01
Hon. Casey MorelandJudge General Sessions Davidson 0
Hon. Roy MorganCircuit Court Judge County Court Chester 0
Hon. Michael MoyersChancery County Court Knox 0
Hon. Ronald N. MurchJudge General Sessions Anderson 0
Hon. N. Andy MyrickJudge General Sessions Lincoln 0