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District Court
Montgomery County
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What others have said about Hon. Tracy A. Gilbert



Comment #: TX1104
Rating:Not Rated
Tracy Gilbert is absolutely a joke. My husband Joseph Liu-Swanson successfully set up a case with his 418th district court 8 days after he stole kids from me and ran off to Texas. The case number is 21-08-11375.

In this judge's findings, it says i engaged the UCCJEA statutes "Unjustifiable conduct”. My attorney explained and said the court believes i stole kids from my husband before he stole kids from me. This is really absurd. All the text messages shows we planned and moved together to FL. This judge didn't ask me about this during the hearing. And he chose to ignore the fact that my husband stole the kids from me.

Anyways, my husband is under criminal investigation for the violent fight we had on August 4. I am working with a detective. I let the police department transfer all the communications between my husband and me including texts and voice messages. And i collected 3 witnesses.

Texas doesn't have jurisdiction over our kids. The judge forced the jurisdiction that inconvenient me and made me quit my job. Now i have a lot of free time. My job is going to be telling everyone that i can reach out and raising the awareness of this judge at this court. How can a judge be so ridiculous???!!!

And this judge believes i will steal kids from my husband and move to Canada. He sees immigrants as untrustworthy. We tried to visit Vancouver Canada this past July 2021. The Canadian customs told me i could go with kids but not my husband because he is not dual Canadian American citizen. So i decided not to go because i didn't want kids miss him for days. We turned around and went back to WA.

Court Staff

Comment #: TX1102
Rating:Not Rated
I heard a case in the courtroom the other day. Judge Tracy Gilbert took jurisdiction over 2 little girls who were stolen from Florida. Texas doesn't have jurisdiction over these kids. Their home state is Washington and they were stolen from the mother in Florida after they (mother, kids, and the father) all moved together to Florida for her new job. They got a perfect plan on living in Florida and support each other to raise these kids. I really feel bad for these poor girls. They don't get to see the mother anymore because the father doesn't let them to see the mother and on one can force the father to let them see each other. This is the worst case I have heard regarding little kids. I believe the judge is on the side of the attorney for profit who is notorious for bringing unnecessary cases to the court and lying to help his clients win the cases.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: TX1101
Rating:Not Rated
Recently, Judge Tracy Gilbert wrongly extended the restraining order against the mother of 2 little kids (3 and 6). The father stole the kids from her and ran off to Texas. Only 8 days later, he applied for custody order petition. The 418th district court in Montgomery county didn't have the jurisdiction over the kids because they were stolen from Florida and none of the parents lived in Texas for 6 months. For some reason, the attorney from Parchman Law Group got the case set up in the court and got the judge Scharlene W. Vadez sign the restraining order when the mother went to school to see one of the kids. The mother never tried to take kids out of the school though. She is originally from China, she traded her Chinese citizenship for American citizenship. And she is a Canadian citizen too. She was considered untrustworthy because of her identity as an immigrant. The court believed she will take kids to China and Canada. And the court believed she stole kids from the father in Washington and ran off to Florida. She didn't go to China in the past 14 years and she didn't go to Canada for 7 years. This issue was not discussed during the hearing. And the father doesn't let her see kids at all, not even on camera. The judge order trial for 6 months later. It's sad to see the judge separate the kids from the mother for 3 months and then another 6 months or even longer until the case is settled. It's so unfair to immigrants. It's a subtle racial discrimination.


Comment #: TX1100
There is a potential corruption in his court, and immigrants are considered untrustworthy. The below is the details.

My husband Joseph and I were divorcing. Joseph and I got into a violent fight on August 4 in Florida. He is now under criminal investigation. Then Joseph stole kids from me and ran off to Texas. Then he hired an attorney who is notorious for bring unnecessary cases to the court. How can this attorney keep bringing unnecessary cases to the court? What is the trade behind the curtain? They lied and denied our open divorce case in our home state Washington. Joseph asked for child support and restraining me from visit kids for the rest of my life. The judge Scharlene W. Vadez signed a restraining order against me.

Later, they lied about something else, so the court enhanced the jurisdiction without asking me any questions about that. The court believed I would abduct kids to China and Canada. I don't even have a Chinese citizenship. I am dual Canadian American. But I didn't go to Canada in the past 7 years. All immigrants would be subject to this type of discrimination and it's also a subtle racial discrimination. The judge Tracy Gilbert then ordered mediation and trial. I am not going to the trail anyways because I have 0 trust in the court. Yes, both judges are super attractive but only by their look. They didn't put any thoughts into my case.

I had to contact all the senators in Texas, and I will contact more people in the legal system hoping there will be someone who would say no to stealing kids from the mother from other states. My kids were 3 and 5 years old. I went to Texas 3 times and every time I stayed in a hotel for about one week. I was allowed to see the older one for 5 minutes and the younger one for half an hour in the past 3 months. And I don't get to see my older one on camera at all. The younger one was allowed to see me on camera for a couple times in the past 3 months. My kids are taught to hate me, the biological mother. I was the one who took care of them for all the past years most of time by myself. I have photos and videos to show how my kids were attached to me.

Anyways, I am moving back to Washington risking losing my job in Florida. I can't see kids suffering and I can't suffer any longer either. My younger one was not happy and asked me why I said I will go see her, but I didn't go. This spiteful court case for profits have to stop now!!!


Comment #: TX723
Absolute monster! Heard evidence of rape, physical abuse, child molestation, fraud and parental abduction committed by a party and still rule in his favor! He refused to allow a fraudulant document, created by pplantiff, to be addmitted into evidence! Crazy!!! The plantiff admitted to things and it was no big deal! I have proof!!!