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District Court
Tarrant County
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What others have said about Hon. Judith G. Wells



Comment #: TX1143
000 I just had to visit this site again to see if Judy is still living up to her reputation. Yep, she sure is. December, when she retires, can’t come soon enough. Goodness knows where she’ll land. Hopefully it is in a open field of employment where her shenanigans won’t harm innocent children. “Mommie, when are you coming to get me.”
This woman has created so much evil. Shame on you Judy. Our pro bono lawyer recused herself as soon as she found out she had to argue in your “court.” Then you, Judy, gave the mother a week to scrape together $5000 on a lawyer who spent one hour preparing her case. Yet you allowed the father to save (without supporting his children) two years. You are a disgrace to our legal system.


Comment #: TX1142
After multiple times of her stating “sustained” she allowed the plaintiffs Lawyer to continue with his arguments, even with objections being made by my counsel. She allows phones to go off, and people to make uncalled for comments. Then threatens to kick out everyone in the room, instead of the person that was making said comments and having a phone go off! You could see from her demeanor half way into the hearing that she was over it, and would stare into space. She is allowing a child to stay over night with an abusive man, and family who lies, abuses alcohol and drugs. I am truly terrified for any other person who has a date set with this DISHONORABLE Judge.


Comment #: TX1141
~@JudgeWells you are the reason our family justice department is a joke. You are the one who robbed me of my natural born right to be a father.who robbed me of a life experience I may not have another chance at.you denied me a DNA test when everyone including you knew I was the biological father.you let my case be stonewalled. You compromised the very values you where sworn to uphold and your moral integrity.i am a shattered person thanks to you. [Recated by Ed.]


Comment #: TX1123
This judge, and her other peers in this courthouse violate CHILDREN'S RIGHTS & PARENT'S RIGHTS. WELLS & her pals ABUSE & HARM FAMILIES. She enable & empowers abusers to further abuse children & good protective parents. She prevents good protective parents from Protecting their Children.
Do these comments & rating get removed? I find it hard to believe only a few have commented, I personally know of more families harmed than what is here. And Wells has been getting bad reviews for Decades.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: TX1036
Pay to play, donate to her campaign and win your case


Comment #: TX1010
Judge Wells had a group of witnesses absolutely astounded with her judgement. The bias she showed to the mother was stunning. Having allowed the abusive father years of procrastination, she gave the mother two weeks to raise $5000 and locate a new attorney after her pro bono quit. The history of this father is so twisted that Judge Wells could not possibly become acquainted with the facts. Plus, due to inadequate representation and that that lawyer had failed to file required list of witnesses, there were no witnesses allowed to testify on behalf of the mother although there was a roomful ready to.
The father lied and shed tears. That was what convinced Judge Wells. Just stunning. What injustice.


Comment #: TX712
Judith Wells threatened to place my son in foster care if I didn't agree to 50/50 custody. That was after he failed his hair follicle and never did a home visit! I had to fire 2 attorneys and get a different judge on my case. My sons father was arrested for drinking and driving at 1 am with our son in the car. Three times the legal limit!! She never even looked at that evidence. Or didn't care. Now he's in jail for aggravated assault and assault of a family member. Thank God for Attorney Connie Langston I have Sole Custody of my baby and he will never be around him unsupervised! These are the lives of children that this lady is ruining. And to use fear to manipulate a parent to do something that is bad for their child is inexcusable.


Comment #: TX711
Rating:Not Rated
she ruined my daughters life by placing her with an abusive father. probably because his lawyer contributed mega cash to her election campaign.
Karma will come around


Comment #: TX634
Her negative tone of voice and actions towards my attorney terrified me to the point that I could not defend myself. The Plaintiff lied throughout their testimony and she did not ask for any type of proof. And when my attorney asked for proof, the judge said 'move on'.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: TX589
Very unfair. Takes a plaintiff's word as solid evidence, does not look for verification, even if doing so is very easy.


Comment #: TX588
This judge MUST be stopped! She is placing our children in abusive situations because she either 1) doesn't care, and is too lazy to do her job, or 2) she is getting paid off by someone or some political group.