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Superior Court
King County
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What others have said about Hon. Julie A. Spector



Comment #: WA1018
This judge could not possibly be more bias than she is. She doesn't read important documents and falls asleep during trial. I have been forced to pay for private school for my kids or I was going to be thrown in jail. She will not consider any factual info and makes rulings based on emotion and no common sense. Beware, if you are a man or not gay like her, consider your case over. She makes her decision the day you walk in the court room. She uses her power as a judge in all the wrong ways. Constantly breaking every law in he court system and quite honestly does not give a shit about you if you are a guy. Your guilty the day you walk into the court room. There is no deadline as far as exhibits or requested info. Loves to fine you for everything and accuses you of of everything. If you are a man faced with a divorce and she is your judge, pay you soon to be ex wife off and settle out of court. She needs to be removed from the system and fined for her incompetence and lazy house keeping in her court room.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA981
I had Judge Spector in a trial, and it was difficult with a pro se on the other side. She gave him the leeway that she should have, but still held him to the standards that any attorney should comply with. It was a difficult case, and the pro se party was throwing so many issues before the court at the last minute that it made the trial last longer than it should have. However, the issues were such that she should have let him try to expand on them, and she gave him time to do so, but stopped him when he wandered too far afield.

She had an excellent knowledge of the law, and also knew what the ramifications of her decision were. At oral ruling, it was very clear that even though the pro se had acted improperly during the divorce, she still weighted the important factors, and spent a lot of time describing how she arrived at her decision. It was clear to me that she had given serious thought to the case, and even though he was pro se, she didn't treat him differently, she simply ended up looking at the evidence, and the law, and made the hard choices. Both parties had made some mistakes in their lives that impacted the trial, but she treated them like human beings, and used her oral ruling to discuss the situation in a manner that showed she concentrated on the important issues, and didn't get distracted by some irrelevant issues. I was highly impressed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: WA955
This is one of the worst. She signed an order for a family member to take control of funds, the living parent after SEVERAL APS reports, not just by the family members who the one child was trying to steal the money from and thier living parent but denied to see the truth. In fact the parent was abused in the adult family home, it was reported and NOTHING WAS DONE TO PROTECT THIS ELDERLY PARENT from his two kids who worked the system and thier attorney, Lee worked the system his way. The parent tried to kill himself and it was ignored by all parties. The child who is on the elderly parents side, was stolen from, attacked, got a DV order against the guardian and Spector still give custody of this great old parent to the son and it was all there for her to see, but it's all about your attorneys and stoking the judges. This judge could care less and atty Lee is just as crooked. CR rules were not followed and the other side was penalized if he did not follow them, but Lee could do no wrong. Be careful of crooked judges and lawyers. Pretty sad stuff to see in a system that is supposed to be the best there is. WOW.


Comment #: WA833
She was a judge in my family law case. I submitted a motion based on law and also submitted prepared relevant evidence which was documentary. My ex's attorney nothing but story and her facts were her opinions and some totally laced spin story to show me in worst possible light, with no declaration, affidavit or anything in her support, not even documents. Spector ruled in her favor and also sanctioned me. She was in a real hurry to get me divorced. When I asked clarifying question on whether she had sanctioned me indeed in her ruling. Her court went into silence and was bailed out by opposing counsel by waiving sanction.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: WA818
Rating:Not Rated
Placeing kids with an abusive parent breeds criminals is this your means of createing job security? Judge Spector was my judge approx. 12 years ago in my custody/divorce case. When she was a divorce/custody judge.Spector gave full custody to my x husband who I was leaving because of years of abuse to myself and my children.I was portrayed as crazy and unstable by my xhusband.I was young beaten down and try to stand up to protect my children. I had no finances job, or family support.Spector tried me as a criminal. She ordered full custody to my abusive xhusband he has used this power of custody and the legal system as a weapon to hurt over the years. Keeping me from my kids. My kid's now are 21 and 16 both with anger problems and dropped out of school and are on drugs.i doubt my xhusband will take credit for this. I won't be surprised when either of my sons show up in courtroom in front of Spector. Placing kids with abusive parent breeds criminals.


Comment #: WA515
Spector is a joke, ignores common sense and is Queen of the DOSA. In court states "of course the victims want their pound of flesh", states "no one is happy on Fridays" as if her job is to please the criminal and his attorney, and had me state when I , the victim, was going to be on vacation in a courtroom filled with burglars and criminals.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA146
Rating:Not Rated
Continued from my Comment #WA145. I went to see Judge Julie Spector again with my different attorney. I had very strongly warned my attorney that Judge Julie Spector is biased and that Judge Spector is the Kangaroo Judge. True enough, Judge Julie Spector entered the courtroom very unprepared and biased. My attorney sensed Judge Spector's lack of preparation and requested Judge Spector that we take a recess so that Judge Spector could read my evidence. Judge Spector was laughing at us and denied my attorney's request. It stunned us. My attorney followed the law procedures and RCW, but Judge Spector ignored the procedures and RCW. Judge Spector rubber-stamp-approved all of the plantiff's ridiculous demands. Judge Spector views defendents as Guilty until proven innocent, but at the same time she will deny the defendents'attempt to present evidence, facts and witnesses. If defendents present their witnesses, Judge Spector will not believe them. Judge Spector runs her civil court as the Kangaroo Court.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA42
My case was a multi-party escrow fraud with significant motion practice. Judge Spector was always prepared. She had a good grasp of the facts and the law. She asked good and hard questions of both sides. Her judicial demeanor was excellent.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA34
In King County, we don't have the opportunity to see the same judge very often. So this may not be fair because it is based upon a single case. In the matter I had before Judge Spector, she was unprepared, indecisive and ultimately reached a wrong result. Frankly, I don't think she ever understood the issues. Sour grapes? I have no problem losing when I think that the judge understood the case. These things happen. Even opposing counsel was surprised. Again, this is only one experience with this judge. I'd be interested in seeing what others think of Judge Spector.