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What others have said about Hon. Christine Schaller


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA690
She fails to understand the laws that she is charged with enforcing. Either ignorance, arrogance, incompetence, or a combination of all three qualities make her feel that she need not follow federal law. In my case, she says that she is not modifying the out-of-state custody order, and that she is just making a new order that supersedes the Hawaii order. When I show her that, under the UCCJEA, that is the exact definition of a modification, she says that's not her definition of a modification! So because she makes up different definitions than what the law clearly shows, she can ignore federal and state laws? When I try to register the Hawaii custody order in a separate case, she states that I cannot because she modified the Hawaii order, and when I file a motion in the first case that she stated she modified the Hawaii order in the registration hearing, she simply states that she disagrees and gives no explanation! "Uh, I won't rule on this, case dismissed!"


Comment #: WA676
Judge Schaller needs to review the Constitution and Bill of Rights of this wonderful country. She is a disgrace to the robe that she wears, and to the justice system. How did you sleep, Judge Schaller, after seeing the police pictures of my 6-year-old granddaughter after one of the many beatings with a belt by her father? Did you give a second thought about her 8-year-old autistic brother, who weighed 36 pounds and was punched with fists in places where his teachers could not see when they changed his diaper? He was denied water and food and life-saving medicine. You are a disgrace, and I feel so sad for anyone who comes before you, now that you have manipulated the system to get to your new position. One day you will be shown to be the screw-up that you are, and your family name won't help you then.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA412
I have been in practice for 15+ years and have practiced in seven counties in WA. Chris Schaller is one of the top five judicial officers I have serving under. I know enough about family law to know that the people who are so opposed to her and post ridiculous comments and videos have left out much of their story. She is an asset to Thurston County.


Comment #: WA410
She scores high on almost all marks, but she is not perfect. This is only my personal experience. Christine Schaller's system of fairness is fair for attorneys and attorneys only. As an unrepresented individual, I've been witness to my time and money and others being wasted in our system. When represented in the past, my attorney stated to Judge Schaller that an error of law had been made. This is language attorneys use to judges that basically means you screwed up. I'm living proof that it is OK for Thurston County Judges to make inaccurate rulings despite State Statutes and Constitutional law. No one questions it, including many local attorneys sitting in the court room. It's unfortuante that a system has to have victims, including children, before anyone recognizes deficiencies. As for residency, I was born at St. Peter's Hospital and my family has lived here all of their lives. If Christine Schaller is correct and accurate on her interpretation of law 100% of the time, she really doesn't have anything to worry about when it comes to re-election, does she? or is it more than this?


Comment #: WA335
Here are the facts. I am not a disgruntled parent trying to "bash" Christine Schaller's reputation through ignorance, but rather a citizen and a voter.
Christine Schaller is a resident of Pierce County in Washington State, and is running for a seat on Thurston County's Superior Court. This is a court that renders rulings for Thurston County, a county she does not reside in. She fully admits this, but it would be much like the President of The United States being a resident in a neighboring country such as Canada or Mexico that doesn't have to live by any of the actions the president, or his office, make. The elected official of a given office being totally exempt from any rulings made by that office seems illegal, and it is.
Washington State law unambiguously prohibits this sort of political "Do as I say, not as I do" (RCW 42.04.020)

Eligibility to hold office.

That no person shall be competent to qualify for or hold any elective public office within the state of Washington, or any county, district, precinct, school district, municipal corporation or other district or political subdivision, unless he be a citizen of the United States and state of Washington and an elector of such county, district, precinct, school district, municipality or other district or political subdivision.

Christine Schaller is well supported by her fellow judges and political allies, many who claim that those that don't support Schaller were disgruntled litigants of hers in the Thurston County Family Court system, an appointed office and except from residency restrictions (see some other quotes below).

This is cronyism, and the only reason that she is allowed to run for a seat on a court that serves a region in which she is not a resident, is because her fellow attorneys have successfully, and obscenely argued that because the state constitution makes no mention of residency requirements for Superior Court, either in support or against them, that this should be interpreted as in favor of allowing candidates for this court seat to be above the state law, and thus dismiss any laws that would prohibit her running for this position.
This is ugly and vulgar politics, especially for the highest judicial position within Thurston County, a position whose only responsibility is enforcing and upholding the law.
This is why I am upset with this candidate and the fellow judges and politicians that support her.

It would be wise for Christine Schaller to remember that in this case, it is the voters that speak last, and speak with authority.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: WA330
Impressive judicial officer.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA300
I have worked as a family law attorney in front of Cmmissioner Schaller for many years. She is always be well prepared, knows the law, and applies it fairly. She uses common sense when appropriate and is protective of children. She is respectful of both lawyers and pro se litigants as well as managing her courtroom so that cases move along efficiently. The times I have disagreed with her decisions have been few and usually simply a matter of honestly viewing the facts differently. I rarely have clients that are angry and upset over her decisions because most of them recognize that even if they did not get everything they wanted, their point of view was heard, that they were treated with respect, and that their children were put first.


Comment #: WA289
I know several attorneys who have worked in Commissioner Schaller's court and they all complimented her on being well prepared for the cases that come before her and that she is consistent in her rulings and correctly applying the law based on the facts of the case. She has been recognized several times by her peers with top ratings and awards. As most citizens don't directly have reason to know about their judges/commissioners, the wide esteem of her peers should carry a lot of weight vs. a few disgruntled folks who did not win their case and leave out inconvenient facts about their case when attacking Commissioner Schaller on-line.

I also have several friends that have been in Commissioner Schaller's court - from a single dad with full custody of his daughter whose mother is constantly dragging him back into court but who isn't getting anywhere as she continues not to comply with previous court orders but then seems to expect a different result; to the mother of a son who was in the juvenile drug court, whose son felt Commissioner Schaller was really interested in him doing well in the program and not talking down to him; to a woman with third party custody of a niece - who was very impressed that Commissioner Schaller, in the midst of wading through legal issues and arguments between the aunt and the mother, made a point in asking how the child was doing and not forgetting about the child while sorting out the legal facts.

Commissioner Schaller is dedicated to the law and serving the people of Thurston county.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA193
I wish Commissioners would learn more about teh Laws they are supposed to impose :(

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA166
Commissioner Schaller is one of the finest judicial officers I have practiced in front of in 13+ years of practice. She knows the law, knows the facts, and applys the law evenhandedly. Her decisions are sound. Her demeanor calm but firm. She always treats everyone with the utmost in respect. She is a shining star in our judicial system.