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Superior Court
King County
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What others have said about Hon. Bonnie Canada-Thurston



Comment #: WA987
This judge is rude, loud, ghetto, and obnoxious. Very unprofessional. She cuts you off when you are speaking and does not listen to evidence. She refused to add my children to a no contact order against their father even though I have had on for the last 13 years he shot at me and my children and just recently left a voicemail on my sons phone threatening to beat him up but she refused to listen this judge needs to be removed from the bench she clearly does not like her job by the way she treats any and everyone in her courtroom. Judges like her always end up on the news because someone was either hurt or killed by someone she let by because she was to lazy to check the facts and see that the person is a violent individual

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA982
This is one of the worst family law commissioners in King County. She has been reprimanded for her conduct in court several times, yet continues to have tirades against attorneys and litigants. She just doesn't seem to have kept up with the law, or she puts her own twist on it, and many attorneys walk out of the courtroom wondering what just happened. And that means that good attorneys, with solid cases end up with terrible rulings. I have had a few terrible rulings, and a few good rulings. I can never tell what commissioner I will face on any day. Some days she seems to have carefully considered the evidence, and rules properly, and others she seems to have drawn a conclusion that isn't supported by the facts, and discusses facts or issues that were not even raised in the pleadings, at least in my experience and from comments other attorneys have made when I was in the courtroom.

She seems burned out, and I think she should consider retiring, because her attitude is only getting worse with time. She didn't used to be this way even six years ago, but she just doesn't seem to really think about the cases. Almost like "don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up".


Comment #: WA961
my nightmare started june 20, 2014. wow is all I can muster she is a trip. she only cares about getting the calander cleared instead of doing whats right they fill her calander up so she can push um through. I am family law matters should be heard with more time per side not in the hustle and bustle of all the other legal matters to be heard. but she finally said she doesn't want to hear my case any more so I wont have to deal with her bs no more I need a judge who is neutral.


Comment #: WA896
This "judge" was very rude both times i encountered her, and when i was saying my statement, she butted in and kept talking to the Criminally violent,meth & heroin dealing, career criminal roommate/ who said in two sentences next to eachother, " im secretive about everything" and two inches lower says, "talks alot about suicide", and wouldn't let me finish my statement, so i raise my hand and she motions for me to lower it and says,"i can see you two need to be apart, im granting this motion for protection." I have no criminal history, absolutely nothing, am an Honorably served Navy Veteran, and she gave the benefit of the doubt to the CAREER CRIMINAL. And when he started to say i was never a threat and doesn't feel i am now, she said, " sir, do you want to re-read your statement? " Actually telling him hes screwing up, but it still went through! I feel a HUGE injustice has been done in my case and against my name, and feel this judge should be listened to, and how she talks to EVERYBODY, not just respondants, EVERYBODY. This was my first dealings with the legal system, and i am shocked at what can happen. With no proof, quite the contrary, i had proof against it, but i couldn't tell it. She wouldn't let me say my case. It was no sir, next, i got a long day. My second time i saw her, the only thing she said was "you can go" ,i said "your honor, may i ask you a quick question? " she said, "nope, sorry, cant entertain you today" Wow, i just waited here, on false allegations, he didnt show, i just wanted to know how to get this off my record, but nope, she just couldn't be bothered. She NEEDS to be investigated, really.


Comment #: WA845
She has proven to be a terrible representation of our legal system. She is not thorough, does not actually do the pre-reading and makes snap decisions ignoring the facts.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: WA827
Rating:Not Rated
my wife lied in a hearing, saying my son had pnuemonia and I wouldn't take him to the doctor. I brought medical records showing that my son had pnuemonia 2 months after I was restrained from taking care of him and when he was with his mom. Commissioner ranted and raged all around the facts and ruled that my wife didn't lie. a big joke, criminal abduction of children from their parents by unconstitutional use of bogus protection/restraint orders.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: WA779
She is awful. She does not read the documentation and hands out decisions without any basis for making them. In my divorce case, she allowed unsupervised visits during the dissolution. When it went to trial the judge ordered psych evaluation and he was determined to have major problems-now he can only have supervised visits. She made the wrong call and my children could have been hurt.


Comment #: WA759
Me and my two sons have a protection order against the boys biological father whom the boys have not seen in five years. The protection order is very detailed, where I state he held a butcher knife to my face, locked me in a closet, got punched in the face etc. for over a year. Every year I renew my protection order. This year 5/19/14 while in court to renew Jonathan Whitehead, the father served me with a parenting plan proposal, he lied stating there are no conflicts or protection order. I responded appropriately and even wrote the protection order case # in my response and waited for a court date. I was never served any notice of hearings and commissioner Bonnie Canada-Thurston decided to grant him his parenting plan with out me there to defend myself. She granted a convicted felon 2 weeks vacation, every other weekend, and even sole decision making on religion, education, and non emergency health care. He was ordered to complete dv treatment and parenting classes at protection hearing. He never completed the courses. I had to file a motion to vacate order and must wait 14 days to properly serve Jonathan Whitehead. I have notified the shoreline police of this commissioners negligence because Jon has already called my husband stating to give him the children this Friday. This is incredibly stressful to me. Bonnie Canada-Thurston from King County Superior court is a threat to society and should be exposed. Case number 14-3-03191-6 SEA for parenting plan case # 11-2-38240-1 SEA for protection order. Thank you, Rose Panganiban 206 683 2256