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Superior Court
Thurston County
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What others have said about Hon. Jonathon Lack



Comment #: WA949
Very refreshing to be given ample time to state my case without interruption. Commissioner Lack gave both me and my ex productive suggestions on how to co parent; his thoughts were directed evenly between us both and I believe were out of genuine concern for our child. If it is possible to be completely impartial, I think commissioner Lack strives to come as close to this ideal as possible.


Comment #: WA938
I have watch Lack numerous times in court. The question I have is how did he ever get to be a commissioner. He makes off handed remarks that has nothing to do with the case and makes judgements based on his opinions and not the law. I agree with the opinion below that if he came from Hawaii then hopefully we can send him back. Thurston's court system is a out of control wreck that is hurting not only the trust poeple place in the judicial systems but people lives.


Comment #: WA922
Rating:Not Rated
Get him and Thomas off the bench. They are the wrong individuals for the job. They both have no understanding of the law or American family values. They are making decisions that appeal to the system that placed them on the bench and not for the families and children that come before them. Remove then both today.


Comment #: WA918
I didn't get everything I asked for but at least he told me why, I feel like he was fair and overall the family court experience wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.


Comment #: WA885
Rating:Not Rated
Commissioner Lack lacks a brain. He sides with men and punishes the mother whether or not the father is a convicted sex offender. Lack needs to be removed! He does not care for the safety or welfare of children. Get rid of him!!!


Comment #: WA881
Rating:Not Rated
Not vindictive like Indu Thomas, but clearly out of his depth and marking time. Question re both - how much did they pay, or 'donate' to acquire their seat in a judicial area requiring utmost sensitivity, competence, integrity and discretion.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: WA863
Jonathon Lack is certainly LACKING in intelligence, not to mention common sense and any understanding of what it takes to raise a child and keep said child safe.

He had no problem returning a child to an abusive mother and an irresponsible uncle. By irresponsible I mean, putting an underweight 'failure to thrive' nose bleed prone 5 year old into an airless 12x12 cube, putting the lid on the top and sitting on it.
"But he didn't INTEND to harm the child," said Jonathon Lack-ing, oblivious to the fact that if the person seeking custody had not come in and freed the child, said 'well intentioned' uncle would be looking at a manslaughter charge.
Lack seems afraid of Indu Thomas.

So two LGBT endorsed Commissioners have been let loose on the children of Thurston County. I am all for 'Live and Let Live,' but since the LGBTP communities want their own representatives, then the natural families should have ours. Obviously, appointing Commissioners or Judges on the basis of sexual orientation or political correctness does not work in Thurston County. It is not as if either Lack or Thomas have any genuine interest in the well being of children or their natural families.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA859
This commissioner needs to read and then apply the law when it comes DV orders of protection. When it comes to legitimate claims of DV, as a society, we want courts to err on the side of caution to protect victims of alleged violence. However, to ensure that there is a modicum of protection for the rights of respondents who may themselves be victims of wrongful and vindictive allegations of DV, commissioners and judges should not throw out the statute with the bath water. Fear of imminent physical harm is considerably different than just "fear." Also, this commissioner needs to determine whether a DV program is state-certified based on the evidence presented rather than cavalierly declaring that the claimed DV program is not certified based upon his opinion that it is not, when in fact it is. This would save the parties a considerable amount in attorneys fees for a motion to revise or in an appeal.


Comment #: WA798
Up until 9-24 14 I questioned the ability of this person. After what he did for Patrick Rawnsley in a DVPO hearing in favor of his sociopath client I say this guy needs to go back to HI or grow a set of balls. I am so sick of him saying to lawyers "What do you want me to do to make you both happy". Its not his job to make some party happy. ITS HIS JOB TO FOLLOW THE LAW