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What others have said about Hon. George N. Bowden



Comment #: WA1028
Allowed undue influence & conflict of interest on my Mother's estate case lasting 5 plus years.He assigned a special master to oversee the division of the property. One of the 2 heirs was cohabiting with a disbarred, corrupt attorney who wrote my Mothers will prior to giving up his license. His attorney brother, represented the opposing side. A written agreement between the heirs agreed to the opposing client to reimburse the other for the destruction of the old family home and the land it was on. Bowden GAVE the land & destroyed home appraised at 245,000-- free to the opposing heir. I couldn't believe
the complete injustice and reverse predjudice and wasted time and money, financially ruining the one heir including home forclosure. I'd advise anyone assigned with Bowden, request another judge.


Comment #: WA719
Judge Bowden's ruling of Stetson Tedder is deplorable. Tedder shot his 4 year old step daughter with a BB gun 36 times while she was tied up and only got a 3 year sentence. Bowden made the comment that, "children don't come with instruction manuals," according to KOMO news. This comment minimizes and excuses the horrific abuse suffered by this little girl. Nobody needs an instruction manual to figure out tying up and shooting a child with a BB gun is not part of raising a kid.This is not an ignorant parenting mistake, this is torture we are talking about! This man is a danger to the public, especially children. 3 years is not enough. The psychological wounds this monster inflicted on this little girl will last a lifetime.


Comment #: WA716
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Bowden's ruling in the case of Stetson Tedder is wrong. To sentence a stepfather who is found guilty of repeatedly tying up his stepadughter with zip ties, AGE 4, and shooting her with an airsoft gun- to the middle range of sentence- from the Everett Herald: " By Eric Stevick, Herald Writer
EVERETT — A Lynnwood man was sentenced Monday to more than three years in prison after being convicted of tying up and shooting his 4-year-old stepdaughter with an AirSoft gun.A jury found Stetson Tedder, 27, guilty of second-degree domestic violence assault of a child and unlawful imprisonment.It did not find that he committed the crimes with “deliberate cruelty,” a legal consideration that could have increased his sentence.Tedder was charged with hog-tying the girl with plastic zip ties and duct tape and shooting her with a toy gun that fires plastic BBs.The girl was covered in dozens of welts, court papers said. She also had scars on her wrists and ankles, which medical experts believed came from being bound with ligatures.Police found zip ties, including one in a garbage bag in the child's room, which “appeared to have numerous teeth marks that suggested the restraint had been chewed,” prosecutors wrote.Deputy prosecutor Kathy Jo Blake asked the judge to impose the maximum under state sentencing guidelines: a term of four years and three months.She listed several factors for a longer sentence. They included the defendant's lack of responsibility, lack of remorse, the victim's age and his position of trust.“There are a number of different acceptable ways to discipline a child when they misbehave,” Blake wrote in her sentencing memorandum. “Taking aim and firing a high-velocity pellet from an AirSoft rifle in such a way that marks lasting for days are inflicted on the body of a 4-year-old child isn't one of them. Binding a child with zip ties so tight it hurts and leaving her restrained so long she needs to be cut free by her 8-year-old brother is cruel and criminal.”Tedder did not make a comment before his sentencing.The defense argued for a sentence toward the low end of the range: three years and five months.“He has never been a problem to anybody before in his life,” the defendant's father, Steven Tedder, told the court.Snohomish County Superior Court Judge George Bowden opted for a sentence in the middle of the range. He handed down a prison term of three years and 10 months.Bowden noted “the tender age of this victim” and Tedder's attempt to blame another child for the marks on the girl as reasons for a higher sentence.“The reality is children don't come with operation manuals,” Bowden told Tedder.At the same time, the judge noted, the defendant didn't have any criminal history, not even a traffic violation. He also served six years in the U.S. Air Force, including a stint in Iraq, before he received an honorable discharge.Eric Stevick: 425-339-3446, stevick@heraldnet.co"
The judge appears to be excusing this defendant? A call to his office found a man who defended this ruling, even stating to me that "It was an Airsoft gun" as if a four year old child would know the difference. This ruling, this defense of this heinous unacceptable torture of a child has no place in our society. It sends absolutely the wrong message. This judge should be removed from the bench, as he is not serving the greater good.


Comment #: WA715
Someone should initiate proceedings against this judge after comments he made in the trial of Stetson Tedder. In sentencing Mr. Tedder, who repeatedly tied up and tortured his 4 year old daughter, he justified a light sentence by saying that “The reality is, children don’t come with operation manuals.”
He should be disbarred.


Comment #: WA478
Horrible Judge. The only person who makes him look slightly good is Commissioner Jacalyn Brudvik. My attorney shook his head and said "who did I piss off to get a Brudvik decision revised before Bowden?" The real losers are the Citizens of Snohomish County and the Snohomish County attorneys who naively brag about the quality of their judiciary.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA432
Ignores (or is unsure of) the law, and highly favors his supporters. I personally do not find this 'judge' honorable. He bullies his way around the courtroom, and sides with his supporters regardless of what the law says. How he is allowed to be making decisions for families is beyond me.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA307
Lacks knowledge of the law or ignores it to favor his favorite attorneys and supporters.