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Superior Court
Thurston County
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What others have said about Hon. Chris Wickham


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: WA1118
Rating:Not Rated
To the last poster, you must be a custodial parent? They always get what they want. That is the name of the game.


Comment #: WA1116
Rating:Not Rated
He was civil, intelligent and rational. Then again, 'Mr. Bean' would appear so after dealing with the bizarre Indu Thomas. He did appear to want to clear the calendar, however, which was just as well, and I did have the opportunity to put on record, for the record, my concerns re Indu Thomas and the harm she is doing to Thurston Co's children. The case was a disaster, and his statement re starting over, seemed wise. I see others have had some difficulty with him, and given what I've seen of the MESS in Thurston County Courts, I cannot discount their experiences. To me, however, he seemed fair, and refreshing after the insanity that prevails in Indu Thomas' courtroom. The 'Commissioner' program is well PAST ITS TIME. It's DISASTROUS. The people of Thurston Co deserve QUALIFIED JUDGES.


Comment #: WA1038
Time for my review. When one has to take leave of the court to file motions for no reason at that, then they do and every one is denied there is a problem and with the Judge. Denied - insufficient basis. Proven fraud, conspiracy, contempt. Then the Judge is clearly part of it. He needs to retire. He does not read the declarations either, nor petitions. Proof he goes at the hearing wait let me read petition during middle of hearing. Time for Federal Court. He illegally terminated my parental rights as well seeing he wont find ex in contempt.


Comment #: WA989
I have been in front of this Judge since the Spring in my family law case. My child is now 17. I have been wrongfully supervised, kept from her due to alienation. The Judge bought a GAL in at he end whom said my daughter said if she had it her way she wouldn't want to see me again. This does not exhibit previous visits alone visits as well. 2 years ago I saw her unsupervised, we had a great time. Supervised since, so carefully watched, cannot say or do anything. All visits went well. So how can you go from 2 years ago to her not wanting to see me? Parental alienation! The Judge did give me unsupervised 3 hours two times a week ina public place based on speculations and paranoia no evidence. Based on alienation, putting fear in my child's head. He did not order we go to counseling. He just through us to the wolves. He did nothing to the alienator but did say he feels for him all he has spent in this case. What? The fees are self induced in a sick attempt to keep her from me! My daughter would never give up her brother which comes with me! He has completely stripped me of my constitutional rights. He acted like it was my fault for all this because I fight for my child! I am being punished for the harm my ex husband and his wife cause my child, which is abuse. The Judge doesn't care if a child is abused. This child has never been to the dentist, neglect! Does the court care, no!! He needs to retire!!


Comment #: WA909
Rating:Not Rated
He did not hold the GAL accountable. There should never even be one GAL with that much authority nor alone with children. There should be a team that completes the GAL process, and it should mimic CCS Wraparound Services. The court should have this same team follow through with watching how the plan is being followed after the judge uses his gavel.

People are not following court orders, the judges do not care, they rule on what is easy, and you can forget about them actually reviewing your files. Even when they say they do. I called Wickam out on it and he claimed he did. No jusge would have ruled as pathetically as he did, if that had been the case.

As for his GAL's, yikes! The entire town of community leadership and citizens and most therapists know what a crock of crap they are.

I'm disgusted by the court system. There is such little order going on, as why even do what they do? They are not cleaning up crap and they are making things worse for society in the future,

They are creating problems by not having the time to address them properly now. If they think they are overloaded now, wait until ten years from now when l the children they jacked up, are coming in with their broken families.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA815
Wickman is more concerned about his "very full calendar" than delivering justice and following the laws of Washington State. He is a bully that does not care to spend time considering evidence, rather makes decisions based on what will require the least amount of effort on his part. Rumor has it he is considering retirement soon and I certainly hope that is the case. Myself and OP had requested a GAL in a custody case and Wickman refused to appoint one because he had "all the information he needs" to make an equitable decision. This is unheard of. I would strongly advise an affidavit of prejudice for any case before Wickham. He is a disgrace.


Comment #: WA814
Rating:Not Rated
I found this judge to be extremely bias and prejudiced against a friends case. Ignored case law, proceeded with hearings in an unfair manner and failed to address the best interests of children. Very concerning to have a judge like this on the bench in family law cases, particularly when children are involved.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: WA649
Judge Wickham personifies bias, prejudice, and contempt for the citizens who pay his salary. Tomas de Torquemada was more equitable and less biased in his pronouncements. If you are a government stooge wishing to cover up government corruption and allow wholesale abuses of civil rights, Judge Wickham is the judge for you. No unlawful or illegal conduct by the government is too glaring or offensive for this judge to approve of.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA329
Awful Judge. He's always "in recess" attending trainings and seminars and what have you. He does not work hard. Wickham is mean and belittling from the bench. He seems to hate strong women lawyers, who he loves demoralizing and cutting off. Ironically, he also has a huge bias for women litigants in family law, domestic violence cases. He has favorite lawyers who appear before him who never get an unfavorable ruling from him. He also has those lawyers who he does not like or respect who he treats very badly. My client have spent thousands of dollars when he was court commissioner successfully revising some of his most outlandish rulings. I do not trust him and would file an affidavit of prejudice in any case of mine that he is assigned to.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: WA168
Don't agree with some of his policies, but his consistency has improved over the years. Don't hesitate to go in front of him for any hearing or trial.


Comment #: WA103
Rating:Not Rated
Ignored case law,allowed the state to declare a federal sovereignty just to avoid the public records act.Let law enforcement lie in his court.