District of Columbia Judges - Last Name M

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NameTitleCourtRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Judith MacalusoSenior Judge Superior 6.99
Hon. Shana Frost MatiniMagistrate Judge Superior  1
Hon. John McCabeJudge Superior  0
Hon. Michael McCarthyMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Juliet McKennaJudge Superior 8.02
Hon. Aida MelendezMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Bruce MencherSenior Judge Superior  0
Hon. Zinora Mitchell-RankinSenior Judge Superior 1.15
Hon. Gregory MizeSenior Judge Superior  0
Hon. Robert MorinJudge Superior 10.04
Hon. Truman Morrison IIISenior Judge Superior 8.61
Hon. Thomas MotleyJudge Superior  0
Hon. John MottJudge Superior 8.57
Hon. Shelly MulkeyMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Elizabeth MullinMagistrate Judge Superior  0