Michigan Judges - Last Name S

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NameTitleCourtJudicial DistrictCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Henry William SaadJudge Court of Appeals 30thIngham 0
Hon. Matthew SabaughJudge District 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Aliyah SabreeJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Sam SalameyChief Judge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Geno SalomoneChief Judge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Brenda Karen SandersJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Donald SandersonJudge District 1stHillsdale 0
Hon. Marco SantiaJudge District 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Richard SantoniJudge District 9thKalamazoo 0
Hon. Jeffrey SauterJudge Circuit 56thEaton 1
Hon. David SawyerJudge Court of Appeals 30thIngham 0
Hon. Laura SchaedlerJudge District 39thLenawee 0
Hon. Kimberly SchaeferJudge District 17thKent 0
Hon. Ronald SchaferJudge Circuit 8thMontcalm 0
Hon. Michael Lee SchipperJudge District 5thBarry 0
Hon. Kenneth SchmidtChief Judge District 18thBay 0
Hon. Scott SchofieldJudge District 2ndBerrien 0
Hon. Sterling SchrockJudge District 2ndBerrien 0
Hon. C. Joseph SchwedlerChief Judge Circuit 41stIron 1
Hon. Justus ScottJudge Probate 40thLapeer 1
Hon. Steven ServaasJudge District 17thKent 0
Hon. Michael ServittoJudge Circuit 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Deborah ServittoJudge Court of Appeals 30thIngham 0
Hon. Edward Servitto, Jr.Judge Circuit 16thMacomb 1
Hon. Douglas ShapiroJudge Court of Appeals 30thIngham 0
Hon. Joseph SheeranJudge Circuit 18thBay 0
Hon. Donald SheltonJudge Circuit 22ndWashtenaw 0
Hon. Douglas ShepherdJudge District 16thMacomb 0
Hon. James SheridanJudge District 39thLenawee 0
Hon. Cynthia Siemen PlatzerJudge District 31stSt. Clair 0
Hon. Stephen SierawskiJudge District 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Charles Simon, IIIJudge Probate 8thMontcalm 0
Hon. J. Cedric SimpsonJudge District 22ndWashtenaw 0
Hon. Conrad SindtJudge Circuit 37thCalhoun 0
Hon. Joseph SkocelasJudge District 48thAllegan 0
Hon. Richard SkuttJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Thomas SlagleChief Judge Probate 41stDickinson 0
Hon. Joseph SlavenJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Mark SlavensJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Kimberly SmallChief Judge District 6thOakland 0
Hon. Annette Rose SmedleyJudge Circuit 14thMuskegon 0
Hon. Michael SmithChief Judge District 1stHillsdale 0
Hon. Leslie Kim SmithJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Virgil SmithJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Sara SmolenskiChief Judge District 17thKent 1
Hon. Michelle Snell BianchiJudge Probate 1stHillsdale 0
Hon. Susan SniegowskiJudge Circuit 51stMason 0
Hon. Martha SnowJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 1
Hon. Thomas SolkaChief Judge Circuit 25thMarquette 0
Hon. Mark SomersJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Robert SpringsteadJudge Circuit 27thOceana 0
Hon. Melanie StantonChief Judge Probate 13thGrand Traverse 0
Hon. Larry SteccoJudge District 7thGenesee 0
Hon. Catherine SteenlandChief Judge District 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Cynthia Diane StephensJudge Court of Appeals 30thIngham 0
Hon. Michael StepkaChief Judge District 13thAntrim 0
Hon. Matt StewartJudge Circuit 35thShiawassee 0
Hon. Fraser StromeJudge Probate 12thHoughton 0
Hon. Craig StrongJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 1
Hon. Paul StutesmanChief Judge District 45thSt. Joseph 0
Hon. Brian SullivanJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 1
Hon. Lisa SullivanChief Judge Circuit 29thGratiot 0
Hon. Paul SullivanJudge Circuit 17thKent 0
Hon. William SutherlandJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Daniel SuttonJudge District 34thOgemaw 0
Hon. David SwartzChief Judge Circuit 22ndWashtenaw 0
Hon. Brock SwartzleJudge Court of Appeals 30thIngham 0
Hon. Mark SwitalskiJudge Circuit 16thMacomb 1
Hon. Matthew SwitalskiJudge Circuit 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Robert Sykes, Jr.Judge Probate 8thIonia 0
Hon. Frank SzymanskiJudge Probate 3rdWayne 0