Minnesota Judges - Last Name C

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NameTitleCourtJudicial DistrictCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Peter CahillJudge District 4thHennepin 0
Hon. Steven CahillJudge District 7thClay 0
Hon. Janet CainJudge District 1stCarver 0
Hon. John CajacobJudge District 3rdRice 0
Hon. Jay CarlsonJudge District 7thTodd 0
Hon. Ann CarrottJudge District 7thDouglas 1
Hon. Philip CarruthersJudge District 4thHennepin 0
Hon. Joseph CarterJudge District 1stDakota 0
Hon. Bill CashmanJudge District 7thStearns 0
Hon. Leonardo CastroJudge District 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. Joseph ChaseJudge District 3rdOlmsted 0
Hon. Regina ChuJudge District 4thHennepin 0
Hon. Margaret ChutichJudge Court of Appeals 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. James ClarkJudge District 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. Lawrence ClarkJudge District 1stGoodhue 0
Hon. Edward ClearyJudge Court of Appeals 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. Larry CollinsJudge District 3rdWaseca 0
Hon. Terrence ConkelJudge District 1stMcLeod 0
Hon. Francis ConnollyJudge Court of Appeals 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. Lois ConroyJudge District 4thHennepin 0
Hon. James CunninghamJudge District 10thAnoka 1
Hon. Elizabeth CutterJudge District 4thHennepin 0
Hon. Michael CuzzoJudge District 6thCook 0