New York Judges - Last Name G

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NameCourtCountyTownRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. William Gabler Town, Village and Justice Court CattaraugusSalamanca 4
Hon. Edward Gaffney County Court WestchesterYonkers City Court 0
Hon. Walter Gage Town, Village and Justice Court OntarioGeneva 0
Hon. John Michael Galasso County Court Nassau  0
Hon. Erin Gall County Court Oneida  0
Hon. John Gallagher Family Court Monroe  0
Hon. Patricia Gallaher Family Court Monroe  0
J.H.O. Gammerman JHO/Support Magistrates New York  6.822
Hon. John Gannon Town, Village and Justice Court OneidaRome1.91
Hon. Jerry Garguilo County Court Suffolk 7.03
Hon. William Garnett Supreme Court (Criminal) Kings (Brooklyn) 3.42
Hon. John Garrity Town, Village and Justice Court DutchessPoughkeepsie 0
Hon. Elizabeth Garry Supreme Court Chenango 8.71
Hon. Robin Garson Civil Court Kings (Brooklyn) 3.419
Hon. Kenneth Gartner District Court Nassau  1
Hon. Christine Gartner JHO/Support Magistrates New York New York City 0
Hon. Margaret Garvey Supreme Court Rockland 3.51
Hon. Michael Gary Supreme Court Kings (Brooklyn)  0
Hon. Darrell Gavrin Supreme Court Queens 3.05
Hon. Ralph Gazzillo County Court Suffolk 1.43
Hon. A. Michael Gebo County Court St. LawrenceOgdensburg City Court 0
Hon. Joan Genchi Family Court Suffolk 9.82
Hon. Frank Geraci, Jr. Supreme Court Monroe  0
Hon. Lenora Gerald Criminal Court Queens  0
Hon. Abraham Gerges Supreme Court Kings (Brooklyn)  1
Hon. Michael Gerstein Criminal Court Kings (Brooklyn) 5.22
Hon. Ellen Gesmer Supreme Court Bronx 3.412
Hon. Ellen Gesmer Supreme Court New York   0
Hon. Anthony Giacobbe Supreme Court Richmond (Staten Island) 1.94
Hon. William Giacomo Supreme Court Westchester 2.612
Hon. Sharon Gianelli District Court Nassau 9.33
Hon. Richard Giardino County Court Fulton  0
Hon. James Gibbons Criminal Court Kings (Brooklyn)  0
Hon. Robert Gigante Supreme Court Richmond (Staten Island) 9.84
Hon. Louis Gigliotti Surrogate's Court Oneida  0
Hon. Hugh Gilbert Supreme Court Jefferson  0
Hon. James Gilpatric Town, Village and Justice Court UlsterKingston2.31
Hon. Judith Gische Supreme Court New York  5.27
Hon. Debra Givens Town, Village and Justice Court ErieBuffalo 0
Hon. Kristen Booth Glen Surrogate's Court New York   0
Hon. Ira Globerman Supreme Court Bronx  0
Hon. Joseph Glownia Supreme Court Erie 2.67
Hon. Paul Goetz Family Court Bronx  3
Hon. Philip Goglas District Court Suffolk  2
Hon. Lila Gold Civil Court Kings (Brooklyn)  0
Hon. Arlene Goldberg Supreme Court (Criminal) New York   0
Hon. Joel Goldberg Supreme Court (Criminal) Kings (Brooklyn) 1.81
Hon. Daniel Goldberg Supreme Court (Criminal) New York   0
Hon. Ferne Goldstein Criminal Court Richmond (Staten Island) 9.31
Hon. James Golia Supreme Court Queens 3.24
Hon. Joseph Golia Supreme Court Queens  1
Hon. Cheryl Gonzales Housing Court New York Civil Court of the City of New York1.63
Hon. Gonzalez Housing Court Kings (Brooklyn)  0
Hon. Doris Gonzalez Civil Court Bronx 9.12
Hon. Lizbeth Gonzalez Civil Court Bronx 4.34
Hon. Yvonne Gonzalez Supreme Court Bronx  0
Hon. Emily Jane Goodman Supreme Court New York  8.15
Hon. David Goodsell District Court Nassau  0
Hon. Stephen Gottlieb Civil Court Queens  0
Hon. Bernard Graham Civil Court Kings (Brooklyn) 9.36
Hon. George A. Grasso Criminal Court Kings (Brooklyn)  0
Hon. Marguerite Grays Supreme Court Queens 6.814
Hon. James Grayshaw Housing Court Queens  0
Hon. Rudolph Greco, Jr. County Court QueensCivil Term5.82
Hon. Desmond Green Civil Court Kings (Brooklyn) 6.61
Hon. Stanley Green Supreme Court (Civil) Bronx 5.33
Hon. Ellen Greenberg Family Court Nassau 2.01
Hon. Ethan Greenberg Supreme Court (Criminal) Bronx  0
Hon. Hal Greenwald Family Court WestchesterCivil Term 0
Hon. Donald Greenwood Supreme Court Onondaga 3.54
Hon. Philip Grella Family Court Nassau  1
Hon. Stephen Greller County Court Dutchess 3.51
Hon. Sidney Gribetz Family Court Bronx  1
Hon. James Griffin Supreme Court Queens 3.92
Hon. Linda Griffin Supreme Court Rensselaer  0
Hon. James Griffith Family Court Oneida  0
Hon. Michael Griffith County Court Wyoming  0
Hon. Michael Gross Supreme Court Bronx  0
Hon. M. Gross Supreme Court Bronx 9.41
Hon. Mark A. Gross County Court WestchesterMount Vernon City Court3.41
Hon. Joseph Grosso Supreme Court Queens 4.61
Hon. Paul Grosvenor Family Court Kings (Brooklyn)  0
Hon. John Grow Supreme Court Oneida  0
Hon. Joseph Gubbay Supreme Court (Criminal) Kings (Brooklyn) 8.64
Hon. Helene Gugerty County Court Nassau  0
Hon. Corneilius Guiney JHO/Support Magistrates New York New York City 0
Hon. Frank Gulotta, Jr. Supreme Court Nassau  0
Hon. David Guy County Court Broome  0
Hon. Raymond Guzman Supreme Court Kings (Brooklyn) 2.91
Hon. Wilma Guzman Supreme Court (Civil) Bronx 4.62